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Mar 31, 2008 04:09 PM

Fancy mashed potatoes

Sometimes when you go to a nice restaurant and order fish or steak and you choose mashed potatoes as a side- they make it all fancy and stack all the food. On the bottom is a nicely rounded circle shape of mashed potatoes and then the meat is placed on top of them with other garnishes to make it look sooo fancy.

My question do I do that in a nice clean way? Is there a certain tool to shape the mashed poatoes and then put them on the plate? if there is a tool-what is it called?

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  1. Ring mould. It's just a circle of metal. You can get them at restaurant supply places. Or you can cut down a soda can if you're handy that way.

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    1. re: Dmnkly

      I have an egg ring but, that's different from what you are taking about right?
      An egg ring is not big enough.

      1. re: cremebrulee

        Use a tuna can - cut off both ends.

        Or you can buy biscuit cutters - they come in many sizes.

        What is an egg ring?

        1. re: jnstarla

          It's a ring with a little handle. You put it in the pan and then crack the egg in the ring so it stays a perfect circle while cooking. :)

    2. A cookie cutter will also do the trick!

      1. Go to the plumbing section -get some PVC pipe forms. - you can throw it in the dishwasher, too!

        1. These are really cool ideas but, I want to be profesh' you know. :)
          Is there no real name for a tool that does this?

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          1. re: cremebrulee

            Yes, a 'ring mold'...


            But I just make a freestyle mega-dollop on the plate then lay stuff on or around it...

            1. re: cremebrulee

              Like Dmnkly said, it's called a ring mold. That is the professional name of the tool, and it's available in restaurant and pastry supply stores.