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Mar 31, 2008 03:55 PM

Coffee in Norwalk/Westport area

Any suggestions on where to buy good beans? Not Stew's. Thanks! By the way, we found a terrific place in Bethel called Redding Roasters. Great coffee! Too bad it's 12 bucks a pound.

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      1. re: WendyBinCT

        I found Zumbachs to be very burnt tasting, and over-roasted. But if you like Starbucks youll probably like Zumbachs. I like the Kona coffee from Trader Joes (Around $20/can) and thats the only coffee Id buy there. The Venezuelan restaurant in Norwalk (Valencia Cafe) has great coffee and sells their beans.

        1. re: lovesublime

          I thought Zumbachs was horrible, about as bad as Fourbucks!