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Mar 31, 2008 03:32 PM

Help? Special occasion restaurant for mom's 85th in SF w/a view, perhaps?

Looking for a suitable spot to celebrate my Mom's 85th this summer. Considering a stay at the Argonaut which is near the Wharf, Cannery & Blue Mermaid restaurant on-site. Anyone ever try this place? (hotel or restaurant, per chance?) The Blue Mermaid might work for one night but looking for an esp. nice spot for her actual bday night.

Any fave restaurant that could work for all ages...and perhaps not be too, too noisy? (or have a private room?) My mom's hearing is getting tough for really noisy restaurants.

Open to all suggestions! And the grandkids are mostly teens now,
so can eat about anywhere but we *would* have one 5 & 9yr old too w/us. Any nice dining close-by? (to eliminate need for driving all but my mom who uses a cane/walker much of the time?) Or, am open to further afoot too if you think Sausalito or Tiburon makes more sense. Other ideas? Greens? Scoma's or Alioto's?? Other? Thanks so much!! :-)

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  1. I think the chef who was trying to do something above-average at Blue Mermaid is gone.

    1. With a view, the Carnelian Room (gentlemen must wear jackets). With great food, a nice ambiance and kind of an old-fashioned elegant (but not formal) setting, I love Cafe Majestic. Each are a quick cab ride from the Wharf.

      At the Wharf, maybe Ana Mandara, if Vietnamese food is ok with the group.


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      1. re: waldrons

        A second for Cafe Majestic. The dining room is lovely and rather quiet. It would be a short cab ride from your hotel.

        1. re: dinnerout

          Or you could stay in the Hotel Majestic and just take the elevator to and from dinner.

      2. Given your situation, I have a soft spot for Julius Castle - despite all the naysayers.

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          Julius' Castle closed, changed hands, was remodeled, and reopened last May. There have been no reports here since then.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I believe Julius' Castle closed again a few months ago. Something about a dispute with the landlord.



          The Garden Court. Regardless of the food, the breathtaking interior Belle Epoque architecture, vaulted stain glass ceiling, furniture, flowers etc. is just unfogettable and the food is perfectly fine. here's a post about various " mom's 75th" the Garden Court.

          A few yrs ago, we were there while an 85th bday brunch was happening and everyone was so happy with the space... best of luck.

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            Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I was wondering about the Vietnamese place as it sounds pretty. However, my mom is fairly conservative in her tastes, as well as some of the grandkids, I'd guess.

            Julius Castle I haven't been to in 20 yrs...has anyone eaten there recently?
            It does seem quaint & a place with great views.

            The Palace TOO is a wonderful suggestion, altho' I'm not sure yet whether
            better for tea or dinner? Brunch won't work, unfortuantely, as we'll be in town
            probably Thurs/Friday nights...leaving Saturday. Hmmmm....
            Thanks again to all!

            1. re: mtm

              It's best to go to the Garden Court during the day, so you get the full effect of the glass ceiling.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                beautiful point. what an exquisite place. i just want to live in that space; it is so beautiful and restful. nothing like it in the u.s. that i have seen.

                you know, with once-in-a-lifetime bdays like this, people are not going to remember the food; they're going to remember the people and the space, because everyone is so busy chatting and laughing, the focus on the food takes a second seat......

          2. If you don't mind something spendy, Gary Danko is reliable and there's nothing too challenging on the menu. I've taken teens there, who liked it a lot. Very convenient to your hotel. The menu, from which you can order 3-5 courses, is very flexible (you can double up on courses you like and skip those that are less attractive--I usually double seafood or app and skip dessert). If all else fails, the youngest could have one course plus two desserts. No view, however.

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            1. re: lexdevil

              Thanks again for the further ideas! Notes taken on the Garden Court.
              Will check into tea there. :-)

              And Gary Danko I'll look into. Have never eaten there,
              but have heard nice things. Thanks!