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Mar 31, 2008 03:14 PM


Two of us are taking a friend out for a birthday dinner. He is not a very adventurous eater....but enjoys good food. I was thinking about maybe going to Meating but have never been there....can anyone comment on their food and ambiance? Any other suggestions? There must be a fish or good veggie option too...

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  1. Meating is gone, it is now Picnic, which I would skip. In fact that whole Yonge and Eg strip is pretty forgettable. Scaramouche Pasta Bar has great steak frites can be good for the adventourous and the non-adventurous. If you are trying to stay in the Yonge and Eg area, go a little south and there are tons of places. How about Quince and I really like Mirabelle next door too. They have Frenchified comfort food. Coquine has a fun atmosphere and my friends love it, although I find the food forgettable.

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      meating is gone from yonge/eg, but it was moving to somewhere on front street.

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        Meating is now part of a sports bar that's West of Yonge, on Front, called "Meating at the Bottom Line". It calls itself "Toronto's Classiest Sports Bar." Always be wary of bars/restaurants (or anything) that calls itself "classy."
        Stopped in there once recently for a drink and to watch the Leafs game. When the bartender looked reluctant to pour us a beer, she said that they will be closing for the night soon after the Leafs game starts (since everyone in the bar who was there before the game has left to watch the game live). Annoying!

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          I just think it's an overly long and stupid name... is it supposed to attract business types? Or am I missing something?