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May 28, 2002 11:57 AM

Palisades chowing

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I like to go hiking in the canyons off Sunset in Pacific Palisades, and when I come back down I am often HUNGRY. As far as I can tell, there aren't that many places to eat in PP, chowish or not, and was wondering if anyone knew of any good, cheap places that a sweaty, dusty guy could walk into after a good hike. Sandwiches? Burgers? Burritos? Anything?

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  1. If you're planning on hiking up in the Pal. Highlands (to Eagle Springs, etc), there's a small restaurant in the mini mall there on lower Sunset Blvd (by Jack-in-the-Box) called Fiesta Feast. They have OK mexican dishes (a "B" maybe), but better falafel and schwarma/gyro plates. Not too bad price-wise.

    As a foregone conclusion (and imho), I would avoid Gall-Stones (at PCH) at all costs, unless you're into the over-priced tourist deal.

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    1. re: cagey
      Leslie Brenner

      Oy. The Palisades is not chow-heaven. As far as I can rack my brain, Mort's Deli is about the only edible thing around. I would head down to the beach after your hike, take a right on PCH and go to Cholada Beach Thai, next to Something Fishy around Topanga.

      1. re: Leslie Brenner

        Leslie, I've been curious about Cholada forever! I mistakenly assumed that any restaurant that close to the ocean had to be dismal. Any dishes you recommend?

        P.S. Jesse, I hear you. I do a bit of hiking in that area as well, although I usually venture a bit further north (Zuma). When I come off the trail, I'm ready to eat a horse! I often end up grabbing something from the Malibu Ralph's. Great supermarket, and almost always good for a star-sighting. (And they are VERY tolerant of sweat and grime -- speaking of horses, lots of ritzy horsepeople go there, horsesweat and all.)

        1. re: Oopsie Daisy

          Thanks for the suggestions! Between Patrick's (which I have heard of but never been to), Cholada, and Fiesta, I now have three more options then I did before...

          Will report back next time I get a chance to hit the trails.

          1. re: Oopsie Daisy
            Leslie Brenner

            Oh, please do try Cholada, Oopsie Daisy. It's wonderful. Love the green papaya salad, and some of the curries are great. But I've yet to be disappointed in any dish there and I've eaten all over the menu. Even the wonton soup is good. I'd love to hear what you think!

      2. Very close, and good for the sweaty, dusty condition post hike, is Patrick's Roadhouse Diner. Just 5 minutes South on PCH at Entrada and PCH.

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        1. re: WLA

          Yes, BUT -Patrick's Roadhouse good only if you're hiking early -they're open only for breakfast and lunch and PRICEY -$$$$- my one and only breakfast there, OJ, eggs, sausage, potates and coffee with tax and tip was over $15.00.
          I think they close at 3 pm every day.

          1. re: jeff

            Most all of their regular omelettes run between 9 and half dollars down to 6 fifty. The cheese burgers and hamburgers are from 3 ninety-five up to 6 fifty. Sandwiches are from 5 fifty to 6 ninety-five. Plus they have some luncheon specials like fish and chips for 10 twenty-five or a grilled chicken breast salad for 8 ninety-five. Only open for breakfast and lunch.

            Two eggs any style with hash browns and toast is 4 ninety-five on up to 8 ninety-five for corn beef hash and eggs.

        2. w
          wow i'm a dog

          I like the salad bar at Gelson's. I'm kind of obsessed with their marinated mushrooms in their salad bar. Does anyone know what brand they use?

          They have a full deli for your sandwich cravings.

          15424 Sunset Blvd.
          Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
          (310) 459-4483
          Daily 7am - 10pm

          1. Tivoli, on Sunset, next to Quizno's, is decent, although I don't know what their prices are like, and Fiesta Feast was a favorite of mine when I went to high school at Pali. Beech Street, across from CVS has tasty sandwiches, but is way overpriced. However, nothing in the Palisades village holds a candle to Cholada.