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Mar 31, 2008 01:59 PM

Casual dining in Bologna?

I did a search on this board but came up empty.

Heading off to Bologna for a few days. I'll be solo with the 2 chow-kids, only one of whom eats solid food, and she luckily she eats everything (Praise the Lord) and is well behaved. Any recs for casual restaurants that won't frown upon children?

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  1. There's lots of stuff on this board about Bologna but to answer one half of your question your choice of eatery will have to be very fancy or your children total monsters for them not to be welcomed with open arms. Children are very welcome and doted upon most places.

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      Ha Ha--thanks. I'm very glad to hear that children are well received. I live in London, where I find even casual restaurants can be unwelcome.

    2. We just returned from Italy and had 2 wonderful meals (actually, both meals we ate in Bologna!) at Trattoria Danio (50 Via San Felice). It's a charming, non-touristy family run spot with excellent food and a great value with their prix fixe meal (11.50 euro for 2 courses, salad, bread, water and wine). I didn't notice if they had a high chair or anything of the like, but the family that runs the place were wonderful and charming, and I'm sure would treat you well with children. It's located a handful of blocks directly west of the Piazza Maggiore (Via Ugo Bassi becomes Via San Felice).

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        Thanks so much for the rec. That is located very close to the hotel where I'll be, so I will definitely check it out.

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          Perfect! Let us know how it turns out there. I found Bologna to be very charming, and will probably be a little easier to get around (compared to other Italian cities) for you with a stroller given the wide sidewalks under the porticos. Have fun!

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          I 2nd this recommendation - Trattoria Danio is a great little neighborhood spot with good, inexpensive food and a really friendly owner. The menu is very long (and kind of overwhelming, particularly if you don't know Italian) but the owner speaks English and would probably be very willing to make recommendations.

          I'd also recommend any of the restaurants on Via del Pratello, which are all inexpensive and good. Fantoni is particularly wonderful. It is very popular, though, so I would call ahead. Via del Pratello 11.

          A third favorite is Mariposa, at Via Bertiera 12. Once again, small, charming, inexpensive. Delicious gnocchi!

          IMO it is hard to go wrong in Bologna... though there are a few stuffier establishments, there are many, many casual, inexpensive restaurants with typical Bolognese cuisine. Have fun!

        3. Trattoria da Boni is a traditional restaurant serving many of the classics of cucina Bolognese. It is family friendly. Scroll to the bottom of the web home page to translate to English.