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Mar 31, 2008 01:59 PM

Seeking interesting cacacha drinks in LA

Anyone know of good cacacha based drinks, and or/ caipirinhas in LA area restaurants and bars?


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  1. Fogo de Chao in Beverly Hills makes a very nice caipirinha.

    Alternatively, you can buy cachaca at Bevmo and make caipirinhas at home yourself!

    1. Ciudad will do you right if you pay for the premium stuff. they seem to have two levels of cocktails: the ones that you get at happy hour for $4 and theones they really want to make.

      Wilshire makes a good caipirinha, too. It wasn't traditional but it was excellent.

      1. I've had good caipirinhas at Malo (Los Feliz) and Palomino (Westwood).

        1. Besides the churrascarias it's an iffy affair ordering cachaca based drinks in LA.Make sure they are putting cachaca in your caipirinha.There are so many cachaca based drinks( just got back from Brazil),but they are not available here yet.My friend ordered a caipirinha the other night in Beverly Hills and the bartender made it wrong, using simple syrup instead of sugar.

          Fogo de Chao as mentioned does it right, as well as Gaucho's Village,etc.

          I'm having the best results making them at home for now,(I've studied every caipirinha made for me in my 6 trips to Brazil, hundreds!!) along with other types of caipirinhas and batidas.We have several cachacas here in LA right now, I believe about 8 brands.You don't need to buy these so called "artesanal" double-distilled direct to American market products like "Leblon" to make good caipirinhas.Use what most of the Brazilians use to make their caipirinhas, Ypioca and 51, which are at BevMO and Vendome for around $20 each.Too bad we don't have Velho Barreiro!!

          Passion fruit caipirinhas are delicious and I had a starfruit caipirinha on my last trip a few weeks ago, amazing.

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          1. re: streetgourmetla

            Hi, I think that here in LA, bartenders are just beginning to get it right with making caipirinhas. It takes alot of time to do it the right way and in the US, people love to experiment (simple syrup, other fruits, more elaborate drinks, even sangrias with cachaça!). I've had some amazing drinks and yes, some badly made ones too, but that is becoming a rarity as you go to the better cocktail establishments. I wanted to say one particular thing about Leblon: it is not "double-distilled." Since I am a co-founder of the brand I can tell you that we own our own distillery in Minas Gerais and we make it there with alot of care so that it has a creamy body and fruit forward nose. Leblon is available in Brazil as well and it is fast gaining many fans. I think it is because it is more refined and still very strongly characteristic. Much like the best tequilas that have changed the way people view that category, I hope Leblon can also do the same for Cachaça.
            If you'd like to know more, please let me know.

            1. re: leblon gerry

              Leblon Gerry, sorry for the late response, but just came across this post.There is nothing wrong with having a caipirinha with Leblon, but as in tequila, premium spirits should be sipping quality and mixers should have good flavor, but the fruit will overwhelm any benefits gained by adding a more expensive premium mixer.For margaritas at home I use El Charro or Sauza Hornitos among others.If I get a premium tequila it's to be enjoyed through direct consumption.Putting Patron, Don Julio or Tres Generaciones in a margarita is useless.

              Sipping cachacas are rare in the US market, the best one I've tasted is available at Fogo de Chao restaurants here in the US. The name escapes me.I have sipping cachacas at home like Vale Verde,Germana, and Isaura, etc. In Brazil, most caipirinhas are made with Velho Barreiro, Ypioca, and 51.These are the most popular, so when I want the type of caipirinha that I had in Brazil, I prefer these brands, and I don't like some waiter trying to push a "premium" cachaca on me for a higher price when I want the 51, which brings me back to a boteco in Leblon.A waiter that doesn't even know a thing about cachaca.My favorite is Lua Cheia, but its not here yet!

              When I do a passionfruit or starfruit caipirinha here at home, for which I pay dearly for the ingedients, I will use a Leblon or a Sagatiba because the flavors match the understatedness of the fruit, especially the starfruit.With lime as in the caipirinha, the aforementioned brands do it for me.

              Congatulations on a very successful marketing campaign.Parabems!

          2. Pitu Cachaça @ Bev Mo. Cocktails with Cachaça: