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Mar 31, 2008 01:56 PM

Ago Ristorante ~

Has anyone heard anything about a new [opened yet?] spot called Ago Ristorante in Greenwich? I love Italian and we are in NYC for the weekend and I'm trying to figure out if it worth trying and/or if we could even get a reservation. We have a reservation for Crispo on Saturday but I've been reading some hit and miss reviews on CH of late.

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  1. According to New York Magazine, it's supposed to open sometime next week. They do Bistecca Fiorentina in a woodburning oven, that sounds good to me!

      1. this is a total miss. i enjoy fine restaurants - this was not. couldn't enjoy the wine b/c they turned our table in 30 minutes. my food was cold, when i commented on this i was told that's how the chef serves it. has ANYONE ever had PORK served cold? unfortunate - but give this place the gass face.....

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          I hate to relay second hand info but a very reliable friend if mine said that this Ago was without a doubt the worst fine dining experience she has ever had. She Sh was there last Friday night. Her stories about inedible salt crusted tuna and super mushy cold asparagus had me rolling...

        2. i was there this past friday one of the worst dinners i've had in a ny restaurant cold listless salad and the seafood stew a congealed sauce with a small collection of seafood it look 15 minutes to get the forgotten cup of coffee and we were told at least 6 times "we've only been open 3 weeks" the prices didn't have a "work in progress" sticker