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Mar 31, 2008 01:53 PM

Abingdon, VA - Places to Eat

My husband and I are heading out to Abingdon for 6th anniversary and our first weekend without our son (3yrs) and love to eat good food. We've heard of Alisons, Wildflour, Peppermill and Martha Washington. Any feedback or recommendations would be helpful. We'll be there Friday and Saturday.

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  1. My favorite restaurant in Abingdon is The Artist's Cafe. Quaint, cozy, colorful and wonderful food. Make sure to check out historic White's Mill for packaged stone ground grits, cornmeal, flax, etc...and take a walk down Plum Alley. And don't miss a play at The Barter!! I love Abingdon!! (and the Creeper Trail, too)

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      It may be called The Starving Artist. It was when I lived there. I heard only good things about it!

      1. re: blueridge

        Yes, that is it. I realized this morning that I wrote the wrong name!

        1. re: riverwood

          The Starving Artist has closed. Try the Town House Grill in nearby Chilhowie, VA.

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            I hear the Town House Grill is a fabulous place with a nice relaxed atmosphere.

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              Oh no. That is awful news. They need to take their website down! Thanks for letting me kow.

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                Yes, the Starving Artist has been closed for a while now.... a year maybe? had seemed to be on the decline for some time before that unfortunately.

                In my experience though, the Town House Grill is the best in the area for fine dining. They now offer a tasting menu as well as a la cart. Very creative (and tasty!) stuff.

      2. The Martha Wahington Inn is a lovely place to visit and stay but the quality of food and the service in the dining room have become quite inferior. Allison's, the Peppermill, and the Wildflour Bakery are pedestrian at best. I also must recommend the Town House Grill in Chilhowie, Virginia. You will have to get on I-81 North and travel about 20 miles but the trip has definitely been worth it each of the times that I have been there.. fabulous food, great service, and serene decor. The Tavern in the town of Abingdon was very good the evening friends and I ate there in February. The building is the oldest existing structure in Abingdon if I am not mistaken. Food has a German flavor. For a totally different experience, you can take Route 19 north toward Bluefield for about 45 miles to a place called Cuz's. It is located in an old barn on the right hand side of the road and draws hundreds of people from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia each week. The look and atmosphere are eclectic to say the least but the food is quite good... fresh seafood flown in weekly, unique homemade sauces and dressings, dishes with unique Asian overtones, homemade desserts. If you want easy, familiar fare, there are a host of chain restaurants located at exit 7 on I-81 South.
        Enjoy your visit. pbh

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          CUz's can be good, stick to the seafood, stay away from the barbeque.

        2. The Town House Grill in Chilhowie is the best restaurant in the area by far and maybe the best restaurant in Virginia. Its cuisine is quite unique and makes for a very memorable dining experience. It is a perfect place to celebrate an anniversary. Visit to view some of the chefs' creations.