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ISO coconut cream (ie Coco Lopez)

Hi there,
Anyone know where this is sold? I'm in Etobicoke/Toronto. I am desperate to make a coconut cake recipe that calls for it and the big and little Loblaws near me don't carry it...

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  1. I would be very surprised if a big Loblaws does not have it. It should be near the drink mix aisle or possibly, the international foods Thai section. Any large grocery store should carry it. Not an exotic item but grocery clerks often haven't a clue.

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      Thanks. We looked in both areas at a large, newish Loblaws and then the store manager said they no longer carry it - lack of demand! Very annoying.
      I will try more loblaws I guess...

    2. Not Etobicoke but I've seen it at Dominion at Yonge and Eg.

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      1. I'm pretty sure my local Price Chopper has it (Gladstone & Queen). Or perhaps the No Frills in Dufferin Mall with the big huge international aisle.

        1. If all else fails, you can go to Little India on Gerrard or T&T Cherry St. I know it's not in your neighbourhood, but you should be able to find coconut cream at these places.
          I've gotten it at the Supercentre recently at Don Mills and Eglinton.

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            ...or Chinatown. I bought some at one of the Asian grocery stores on Spadina today.

          2. There are many other brands available in addition to Coco Lopez. I've seen product from Grace and Mr Goudas (in blocks) and quite a few more in cans and in powdered form. I can't tell you whether they would be interchangeable in a cake recipe. (I recall a CI coconut layer cake recipe that used Coco Lopez.)

            Coco Lopez is usually in the drink aisle. The other brands might also be there, but are more likely to be in one of the international or ethnic food areas (Caribbean, Thai, etc).

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              I think that the Coco Lopez type of Coconut Cream is totally different. It's a very thick syrup and is very sweet. I think the stuff in blocks may be called Cream of Coconut.

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                Possibly true. Coconut creams are not an area of personal expertise. However, other brands also come in cans and some of the powders turn into a sweet syrup when mixed with liquid. Given the makeup of our population, it's unlikely that the absence of one particular brand of coconut cream would stymie a cake recipe. I wish I could be more specifically helpful.

            2. I've seen it at No Frills at Gerrard and Carlaw.

              1. I looked everywhere - and found in in Kensington Market in one of the Latin American stores on Augusta Street (just North of Nassau).
                The Jamaican stores where I started looking did not have it - but the Latin American stores did.