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Mar 31, 2008 01:36 PM

Help with me choose....

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Santa Monica for two nights (Friday & Saturday) and need help choosing places to eat. From my research here's what I've come up with so far:


I would like one night to be somewhat fancy, romantic and maybe the other to be a little more casual. We will be staying at the Casa Del Mar and will have a car, but I would rather walk, if possible. Would also like a place with options for pre/post dinner drinks.

Thanks for your help.....Looking forward to our trip

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  1. If you want to walk -- and can afford it -- I would add (and go to) Capo for the fancy/romantic and Musha for casual. Abode is hit-or-miss food-wise but you can walk and it's fancy/romatic.

    1. Well, for casual you could walk to Musha. For romantic I think you want the patio at Wilshire, for which you will have to drive. But it's an easy, no chance of getting lost 10 minute jaunt down Wilshire.

      1. For romantic, I would recommend Josie, Wilshire, Abode and JiRaffe in that order. For casual, Musha and Violet, in that order.

        1. Jiraffe is walkable from your hotel, offers nice seasonal cuisine and is close to some of the other Santa Monica attraction, but it can get un-romantically loud, the acoustics aren't that great.

          My other fave would be Josie, but that's a bit more inland and would require driving.

          Violet is also nice, but more casual than romantic/fancy. The mac 'n cheese is superb, though!

          As noted before, Abode is a hit-and-miss situation ( with a tendency to be fussy on presentation, but not necessarily taste ) and I would avoid BOA that's of the Sushi Roku chain.

          Haven't been to the Wilshire, but it's gotten a fairly good review from LA Times recently.


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            AquaW, is Jiraffe really a seasonal menu? They seem to have not changed their menu at all in the past few years - regardless of the season. Am I missing something? I would really like to LIKE this place, but was not too impressed with the food and same old menu in and out of each season.

          2. romantic is the patio @ wilshire.
            casual is musha
            skip abode & boa
            if you are looking for a sunset drink or after drinks try the penthouse @the huntley hotel