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Mar 31, 2008 01:24 PM

Terrace St. Bistro, Manayunk

I tried the Terrace Street Bistro for the first time last Thursday and it was wonderful! I highly recommend this small 24 seater BYOB. The menu is a fixed price for app, entree and dessert (about $32 per person). The meal was delicious. The best french onion soup I've had in ages and a great dessert menu to top it off. Thursday night was beer tasting nights and guests were invited to sample up to three bottles of the owner/chef's latest home brews. It's a comfortable, friendly place where you can speak to the chef and really feel at home...and the food's great too!!
I'd be interested to hear about any one else's experience here, especially since this was my first time...

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  1. We've been there twice. It was great the first time, not so good the second. I love the atmosphere, tho.

    1. I live in Manayunk and have never made it there. Whenever I drive by it never seems open. Do you know what their hours are?

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