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Mar 31, 2008 01:23 PM

Recs for baby-friendly dining in NOLA


My husband, my nine-month old daughter, and I will be coming to NOLA at the end of the month. We're both fairly adventurous eaters and would love some recommendations for moderately priced restarants that wont be shocked at the idea of us toting our daughter along for an early dinner. Noise is a plus, she loves to sing during dinner. As for cuisine, we're really up for anything. We both will eat almost anything. Price is a factor, as we're not looking to break the bank for either meal. We'll probably have two evenings free.



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  1. I'm not sure there's a restaurant in town where it would be okay to bring a baby who "loves to sing during dinner."

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      The only one that I could think of was Mulate's. It's pretty noisy....

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        Maybe Deanie's Seafood in Bucktown.

        I would think that a lot of the places that would be LOUD enought so that the baby wouldn't offend would also be filled with smokers and drinkers and therefore would not be a good fit.

        1. re: Carrolltonsnob

          Really? I'm surprised, we've been in baby friendly nice restaurants in both NY and DC. She's not crazy loud at all, just a normal happy baby. In both NY and DC plenty of people eat early dinners with their little ones.

      2. Grand Isle next to Harrahs. The Turtle Stew is awesome and raw oysters are really good. It's loud and I saw plenty of babies last time we were there. Not too pricey either.

        1. To be honest, if you have any places in mind it might be easier for us to tell you if it wouldn't be acceptable to go. I happen to think it's fine to go to most places for an early dinner with a non crying (even if singing) infant.

          1. I've taken my baby to Mandina's, and more recently to Cafe Granada for tapas, and ate outside. Any of the family type joints, Liuzza's, Ye Olde College Inn, etc. Cafe Degas would be a little more upscale (but still midrange) but I think they'd be fine, especially early. I haven't been, but I bet EAT restaurant in the quarter would also work.

            Oh, possibly Riomar?

            1. Almost every time I've been to Dick & Jenny's for an early dinner, a number of the tables have kids ranging from newborn to 5 years old. Any seafood restaurant would be a good fit (Deanies, Frankie & Johnny's, Saltwater Grill, R&O's, etc.). Also neighborhood joints like Liuzza's or Joey K's would work well too.

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                We've been to Dick and Jenny's (actually with Annie), and that was great. Two places that caught my eye because of recs on this board were Cochon and Lukes.

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                  Cochon would be perfectly acceptable for a baby. They also play very good hip music so she may enjoy that.