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Mar 31, 2008 01:21 PM

Boneless Short Ribs

I've only made them with the bones before - the John Besh recipe is my current favorite - but I got a pack of boneless ones at Costco. It just doesn't seem right, somehow, not to have the bones there; but my question is, can I use the boneless ones the same way as the bone-in ones? I'll presumably be giving up some flavor that the bone gives them.... will they be almost as good? I hope?

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  1. That just happened to me too, at my local supermarket...... where the heck are the bones going? Mine was pork (country ribs) and only 97cents a lb, so I won't complain, I was thinking of doing carnita with it. I wouldn't make a usual bone in type recipe myself.

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      I am finding it harder and harder to find roasts and cuts of meat still on the bone, it is my understanding that most of the wholesale food markets (Sam's, Costco, etc.) sell the bones to animal feed companies (cat and dog food).

      I have made both boneless and bone-in shortribs, and agree the bones do add flavor to the sauce. But, in a pinch we will eat the boneless ones.

    2. I bought the same one's at Costco a few weeks back. They cooked up great using the same recipe I usually do for the bone-in ones.....they were great. Traditional thinking says that cooking on the bone is more flavorful...but I think that when you braise shortribs, you are using very flavorful ingredients in the braise...the thing you are looking for then, is to get the tenderness brought on by long slow cooking with liquid and steam

      1. I've done boneless chuck cut into chunks and it can be very similar. I often wonder when I see boneless short ribsis it the same meat or do the butchers sub other things for boneless short ribs

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          The boneless short ribs at Costco are actually boned out short ribs but I have seen packages of "boneless short ribs" at my local supermarket that don't look marbled enough to be from short ribs. When I asked the butchers at the supermarket, he said his "boneless short ribs" were strips cut from a cross rib roast, not from short ribs.

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            Hmm, but why? Perhaps due to the trendiness of short ribs and hoping to do a "catch teh eye" kind of thing?

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              I'm guessing that many people might be uninformed about bone-in meat and think they don't know how to cook it, so maybe this is a new trend.

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              When I tried to get short ribs from my supermarket the butcher guy said they didn't normally carry them because "everyone" wanted the "boneless" ones (which I think Norm Man is right, are not short ribs). I had to go to a smaller specialty market.

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                Your butcher (meat cutter) is either a moron or a liar. A "cross rib roast" is taken from the primal cut known as the "rolled shoulder clod". From the shoulder, not the rib. However, he may like many vendors, misname meat cuts. Many stores in my area call a sirloin steak "filet mignon". Like humpty-dumpty, they feel you can make words mean whatever you want them to all depends on whose master. I think that with short ribs, people are not enthusiastic about paying for a retail cut that is 1/2 bone. Also, bone-in short ribs have a lot of gristle around the bone (unless you like gristle).

            3. we also got some boneless 'short ribs' thinking they were short ribs without the bone as the name would imply...we prepared them the same way we normally prepare kalbi, marinated for 4 hours, then grilled it. i should have realized that the meat looked a little too lean and was a little too cheap to be short was the toughest kalbi i've ever eaten. i'm sure now that it had to be chuck.

              1. Not sure if BJ's and Costco operate similarly, but at BJ's the boneless shortribs are not short ribs at all - they look more like a cross cut of a flat iron steak. They only have codes for certain cuts and many odd cuts get categorized incorrectly - The butchers at BJ's are very helpful and friendly, however, they have given me wrong information every single time I have asked a question about the cuts of meat.

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                  Me too! I asked the butcher at BJs if the veal cutlets were top round or leg, and he didn't know, gave me a vague answer. I think they wear butcher coats but aren't really butchers.