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Mar 31, 2008 12:26 PM

Di Fara: Decline in Quality?

The last couple of times I went to Di Fara, the pizza was still good but lacked the punch and pizazz I remember from my first visit. It tasted good (especially the cheese) but not spectacular. In particular, the sauce lacked bite and the crust seemed a bit too hard. Anyone else experiencing this?

The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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  1. unless things went south drastically in the last nine days, i'd have to say no. not that i'm disputing your bad experience, but i've never had a bad slice (or pie) there.

    actually -- and i'm not being sarcastic here -- that's not entirely true. i remember a visit back around this time of year in 2003 when i hadn't been to difara in a while, and salivated over my pie in the making, only to get it and say 'that's pretty what a bummer."

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      I've only been once - a couple of weeks ago - and I have to say, the pizza was amazing. Could be that it was downhill - but if so, downhill from Mt. Olympus!

    2. Was there last week, thought it was excellent.

      1. No change in sauce or crust that I can tell. The only difference I noticed on my most recent trip there is that Dom put dried basil on 2 of our 3 pies, rather than snip fresh basil on (which he did on the 3rd--much preferred).

        1. I'm not ready to call it a decline in quality based on one experience, but I was there about 2 months ago and I distinctly recall the pizza being very, very good instead of the usual INSANELY good. But that was just one visit.

          1. No. I was just there.