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Mar 31, 2008 12:13 PM

Dussini in San Diego

Ok, so there is a coupon in one of those 'two for one' mags that comes in the mail periodically, that *seems* like a good deal for Dussini (in the gaslamp, former site of Old Spaghetti Factory): spend $50 - get $25 taken off the check. Its a Sunday-Thurs deal but with no other restrictions.

There had been very little discussion about Dussini on this board. Anyone have an opinion?

Thanks 'hounds.

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  1. I haven't eaten there but play pool at night from time to time which is quite nice. The cocktails are not bad.

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      My brother took the whole extended family when out here visiting from Chicago...about 13 people, so we sampled a wide range of dishes. A couple of chefs in the group...the consensus was that the food was good, not great. No dishes really stood out. Overpriced for what you were getting. The service was attentive but nothing outstanding. I always worry when they are handing out coupons..... We were back at Cafe Chloe, Urban Solace and Jayne's Gastropub for later meals...

      1. re: nessy

        Agreed. Good enough cocktails, but food is overpriced and not memorable. I've been there once for a birthday party and stopped by twice for Taste of the Gaslamp. If you're craving basics like pasta w/mushroom & cream sauce or lobster mac n' cheese, it could fit the bill and you could get a good deal w/your coupon. Don't bother with dishes where they're obviously trying too hard (remembering some kind of pasta w/shrimp, brandy sauce, salmon roe, and a bunch of other unnecessary stuff).

    2. I've played pool there a many a time and it's a great place for doing that and hanging out. I've tried a few things off the bar menu and they were fine but not outstanding. I'm not sure if I would purposefully go there to eat, but with that coupon I would definitely think about it.

      1. read on that they have an outstanding truffle mac & cheese

        1. Food:
          We went there last night for a friend's birthday. I agree with many of the comments - food was good but not great and overpriced for what it is. I had a decent but not spectacular paella and others had scallops and a seafood stew special. All were decent but not a good value at $25+ per entree.

          Service / Drinks:
          The server was great and when we asked for a Riesling, recommended a nice bottle that the sommelier had brought back from Germany and it was excellent. I drank a caipirinha that was very well made.

          Dussini has a very trendy, multi-layer layout and a nice bar with quite a few quality pool tables on the top floor.

          I'll probably go back to have some drinks and shoot pool on the cool top floor, but I'll eat somewhere else first.

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            I've not eaten at Dussini, so I won't disagree with any of the posts, but Herbert33's comment that it was "not a good value at $25+ per entree" caught my eye. With the hiccups in the economy recently, we may all need to recalibrate our ideas of what constitutes "overpriced." I've recently done double takes at a number of local restaurants where the prices have been seriously adjusted upward. I don't think they're gouging; I think they're trying to recover their costs. Bad news for the restaurateurs as potential customers are priced out of the place, and bad news for us would-be diners who are staying home with our Spam and Kraft mac 'n' cheese.
            . . . jim strain in san diego.