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May 28, 2002 02:03 AM

Volcano Tea House recommendations

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Hi I was wondering if anyone's been to Volcano Tea House on Sawtelle and if you can recommend anything? I was completely clueless last time I went and I was wondering about what's worth getting next time I go :).

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  1. I'd be interested to hear recommendations too- every time I've been there I get boba milk tea, regular or green, both of which are so good I haven't been able to branch out much...

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      The boba milk tea is a good bet. They have these spicy chicken things but I've never tried them.

    2. To its fullest meaning, I frequent this place. My personal favorite is the Four-Color Pudding Milk Tea where the "pudding" is actually more like firm-ish custard. I happen to have a thing for jello- and custard-like textures so this drink with its mango, chocolate, mango, taro and cream pudding flavors, rates high (...and to illustrate my fanaticism, I have to sip this from the regular-sized small straws so it lasts longer).

      A very close second is the Taro Milk Drink with Boba. To anyone who enjoys taro, this -- this one is exquisite. Somehow Volcano Tea has developed a luscious, very taro and very creamy concoction without tipping the scale on sweetness. The boba here as always, are firm and un-smushed.

      Once out of curiosity I tried the plum snow-bubble and wouldn't recommend it. The snow bubble drink seems to be a mixture of imiscible ingredients. The cream curdles when it's added to some drink-base to supposedly appear as "snow." Despite being put off by this, I tried objectively to judge the taste. Way too strong. Maybe it was a glitch but the intensity was only slightly less than drinking undiluted plum soup syrup.

      .And I gotta admit, though I love the suckers, the fried chicken bits are a bit too salty. They are addictive and have the feel of eating from a street vendor (they're tossed with basil into a tiny bag where you pick out the chunks with skewer sticks), but I always have to take a sip from ma puddin' drink after each bite to quench my screaming taste buds. I recommend trying them at least once.

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      1. re: wumanchild

        Thanks for your recommendation! I went to Volcano today and I tried the Four Pudding Milk Tea and the Spicy Chicken Bits. I almost passed out from the delight! Yummy! Now I think I'm going to get hooked! The little bag the Chicken Bits come in looks kinda cute too :).

      2. By the way, I was at Volcano today (still couldn't tear myself away from that fine green milk tea, with the added bonus of spicy chicken bits- you're right, salty, but so good!) and there was a sign up that they were hiring for their soon-to-open if not already opened Hollywood and Highland branch. So non-Westsiders won't have quite as far to go... (unless they go to Monterey Park)

        1. recomendations for tea from volcano tea would be the fruit smoothies with tapoica pearls, milk tea with coconut jelly (my favorite), taro milk tea with of the boba milk teas are really good. Actually...just about everything is really good there, but I'd have to say try the cocnut jelly with milk tea. Its soooo good!!