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Mar 31, 2008 12:12 PM

Where to eat in Savannah, GA??

Will be in Savannah, Ga for a day (staying in Charleston, SC) and would like to sample regional local food where the locals go. I want to skip the tourist places like Mrs. Wilkes, Lady and Sons. Are there any locals out there with favorites to recommend?

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  1. I'm not a local but I was in Savannah this weekend and had a wonderful meal at the Sapphire Grille. Pricey but quite good--enjoyed some beautifully prepared scallops topped with a quail egg and an exquisite puree I couldn't quite identify, then the grilled duck breast with savory butter on the side and a potato-chevre tureen. Service was quite good, offering excellent wine suggestions for each course, and very easy on the eye--they seem to hire only gorgeous women to wait tables.

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      We were there Sarurday night! Nice restaurant,we had grilled scallops, I loved all the sauce choices you had. I got avocado butter and jalapeno tatrer sauce both great for dipping. We sat upstairs and had a very nice guy waiter.

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        thanks so much for your reply. I will try it out. Sounds just like I was looking for.

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