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Mar 31, 2008 12:07 PM

Birthday dinner...private space for 8?

I am planning a birthday dinner for a group of 8 next week and would ideally like a place where we can snag a private room or dining area...but it isn't totally necessary. What is more important is the food! Price range isn't really an issue, area is anywhere between Brentwood and Hollywood, and something new and different is always fun. If it is worth the trip then we are willing to go downtown as well.

Some favorites that we go to frequently are The Hungry Cat, The Foundry, and Madeo' those are out, but anything similar in quality of food would be great!


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  1. Upstairs 2, Mozza, Comme Ca, AOC, Grace, Spago, Providence... lemme think more.

    1. Cube has a great private room --- I think a 5 or 6 course menu and BYOB/no corkage!

      1. I went to a great birthday dinner once in the private sitting area in the back of Musha in Santa Monica. I know people say it's not as good as the one in Torrance, but I'm always really happy with my food there. And it's great for a party -- the place is conducive to sharing and drinking.

        1. pace has always been a great spot. they can definitly accomadate 8 people and the atmosphere is perfect.

          1. i remember table 8 had a private room