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Mar 31, 2008 12:02 PM

Beverly (or Salem) B-Day Dinner - opinions?

For my birthday dinner I was thinking of something nice in Beverly or maybe Salem. I eat fish and shellfish but no other meats. I'm not fond of overly cream/butter sauced or over cheesed items. Given that, any opinion on how I might fare at any of these places:

- Tryst, Beverly
- Cygnet, Beverly
- Cielto Lindo, Beverly
- Lyceum, Salem

Nice atmosphere &/or bar also a plus!

Thanks for any suggestions.

Also, just drove thru Beverly Farms yesterday and noticed a new place "Zoe's Tapas & Bar". A google search told me it is another from the Cala's family (Cala's, Alchemey, Lat 43). Said that in addition to Med-syle tapas they have wood-fired, NY style pizza. Anyone been there yet & tried the pizza?

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  1. How about The Wild Horse in Beverly?...
    It is a fun place and the food is good

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    1. re: Diski

      Been here. I liked it but was hoping for something I have not tried yet.

      1. re: Diski

        I beg to respectfully disagree.
        It is certainly a fun place.
        Int he past two years, I have found their food has been disappointing. Really want to like it, but last time we ate in the dining room, I said to my husband, "Next time I want to go here, remind me how much this meal sucked."

        Fish was overcooked. Smoked pork was a sludgy mess. Sheherd Pie was not hot.

      2. Cielto Lindo is just a storefront texmexicali joint thats not bad but not on par with your other choices. I will have to try the 'Za at Zoe's since I am generally unimpressed with any pizza up this way on the N. Shore. I still think that one of the best N. Shore feeds can be had at Ithaki in Ipswich. We were there last week for a birthday dinner had the grilled octopus was stellar as usual, as was the lamb kabobs, moussaka, salads, bread...every detail perfect. Cygnet is a very nice experience if you don't mind burning a pair of hundreds. I had duck there last summer that may have been one of the best ever and their desserts are WOW. I did hear there were some changes on the menu, so I can't say its still what it was. In Salem, I would opt for the Grapevine.

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        1. re: ipsofatso

          Please report back if you get a chance to try the "Za at Zoe's". Speaking of pizza, in Gloucester La Rosa's is under new ownership. Tried their pizza and I thought it was quite tasty. Not in the NY pizza style but very fresh ingredients (on my veggie pizza) and a nice chew to the crust that sort of reminds me of the Veggie Planet pizza crust. DC thought his could have been more well done.

          I've been to Ithaki & Grapevine -- again, like them but was trying to discover something new. Cygnet sounds pricey. That is probably why someone advised me once to go there for lunch.

          1. re: ipsofatso

            Beg to differ on Cielito Lindo. May look like a storefront, but is far from Tex Mex, with interesting and fresh Veracruz specialties. Among the best Mexican I've had in Boston (Angela's beats it...)

            1. re: lgss

              Avoid this place at all cost. Regrettable use of real estate.

            2. Tryst is good, if you're game to go a bit north, in Gloucester there's Franklin Cafe, Duckworth and in Rockport My Place on Bearskin Point.

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              1. re: treb

                Thanks all for comments and suggestions.

                I go to Franklin quite a bit, so that is out. My one experience at Duckworth was that the food was good but the well meaning service was painful as far as getting water & drinks refreshed, etc. It was probably an unusually busy night and I am willing to give them another chance, but maybe not on my b-day. I will save My Place for out on the deck in the summer but am now leaning to Tryst.

                Thanks again!

                1. re: SEH

                  Please get back to us with your feedback.

                2. re: treb

                  I think My Place is closed for the winter?

                  1. re: bgavin

                    They usually open mid March. Enjoy the food there.

                  2. re: treb

                    My Place: Most Disappointing Meal Ever.

                    1. re: resipsaloquitor

                      That's hard to believe, was that your only visit? I've been going for years, never had a bad meal or a bad view. What did you order?

                      1. re: treb

                        I had a steak that was mostly gristle and fat. My DC had old fish that was smothered in tomato sauce. The side dishes were flavorless and overcooked.

                        At least the bread was good.

                        1. re: resipsaloquitor

                          I have never been disappointed with Finz at Pickering Wharf.

                  3. The Grapevine in Salem. One of my favorites.