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Mar 31, 2008 11:57 AM

Las Vegas surprise birthday trip for my daughter

Hi everyone,

I am sending my daughter to Las Vegas for her 30th birthday in 2 weeks as a surprise. Her younger sister (by 3 years) is going with her so it will be 2 single young ladies in Las Vegas for 3 days. I am trying to make reservations at a nice restaurant or two but since I've never been to Vegas I'm kind of at a loss. I am hoping that this will be a really fun and memorable trip, does anyone have any suggestions that will help make it so?

I am getting them tickets to the Beatles Love for the late show on Friday night and I had thought they could have a late lunch at the Eiffel tower in Paris that Friday also. I still don't know where to make reservations for the birthday dinner on Thursday night. They both have small appetites and don't like seafood. I would like them to go to a restaurant that has good food but would also be a special place for the birthday celebration even though there would only be the two of them there. I sure hope someone can help me out here.


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  1. try the venetian for a bite to eat which is directly across from the mirage (love show), or the forum shops @ceasars (Joe's Primesteak)... also a short walk to the mirage. depends on what type of food they like besides seafood, italian, mexican, bbq???? That is what is soooo great about The Strip... so many casino's, so many places to eat and drink!!:)

    1. send them over to harrahs to toby keefes (i love this bar) its a burger joint but lots of fun
      also while at harrahs go to carnival court they have flare bartenders,live entertainment day and nite just 2 much fun

      1. Well, if your daughters enjoy a bit of a scene, I'd suggest N9ne at the Palms for the Thursday night dinner. It's a steakhouse so not small portions, but very good food and excellent service, and definitely appeals to the see and be seen crowd....but with the good food to back it up.

        You might also think about Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris; although more casual, it's quite nice, and they may well be able to sit outdoors which is pretty pleasant this time of year. Other outdoor options would include Boa at the Forum Shops, which is also a steakhouse, but again with some smaller options and a kind of cool vibe.

        I've only eaten at Mix once and been disappointed in the food, but it would be a terrific place for a birthday cocktail; it's at the top of the Mandalay Bay and has a spectacular view and beautiful room.

        1. Thank you very much for the input. So far I have made a lunch reservation at Mesa Grill for Friday. My daughter thinks we are having a birthday dinner for her at Bobby Flay's Steak here in Atlantic City on Saturday, so I know she wants to go to one of his restaurants, but I still haven't decided on the birthday dinner.

          I was thinking of a restaurant at the venetian for the birthday dinner, they don't eat seafood and they eat small portions, with that in mind are there any recommendations? I heard there were a lot of good places there.

          Thank you for the tip about Toby Keefes. I will definetely pass that along. I will suggest they go over there for a drink after dinner because it sounds like a place they would enjoy. Is Harrah's pretty close to the Mirage?

          Thanks for the tip about N9ne I almost picked that restaurant for the birthday dinner but the Mesa Grill is lunch the next day so that won't work.

          Thanks again everyone, this is a wonderful site and I appreciate your help.

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            harrahs is across the street from the mirage, so is the venitian. at the venitian there ia a few excellent italian restraurants and a great mexican restraunant called taqueria canonita enjoy

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