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Mar 31, 2008 11:56 AM

Anniversiary in Houston

Hi! My husband and I are looking for a great place to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversiary in the Houston/Clear Lake/Galveston area. A few notes:

- We are not huge foodies, basically we don't do the whole "fancy" food thing. We like menu items we can pronounce and that aren't super exotic. Call us sheltered, but that's just us. :)
- Price isn't a major issue
- We don't need a fancy wine list
- We like good food and good service in a great atmosphere.

Well, any suggestions? All food types encouraged except for Chinese or Sushi. Thanks!

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  1. Assuming you aren't looking for a chain type restaurant I would say Brennans could be different. It is pricey but the food is really good gulf coast/creole style. Maybe Churrascos on Westheimer(either location).
    Rudy and Pacos in Galveston is pretty good.

    1. Da Marco's
      Tommy's Seafood Steakhouse- Clear Lake

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        While I like both of the first 2 restaurants (Da Marco's and Hugo's) and would recommend them to most anyone, I think they are the type of restaurant the OP is trying to avoid. The menus are riddled with ingredients that turn-on foodies but can intimidate those who are not.

        I would second the Brennan's recommnedation. I would also throw in Backstreet Cafe.

      2. I'll throw in Antica Osteria. It's definitely at the higher end of the scale and perhaps some would consider it fancy, but it's simply really well prepared Italian food. It has a great atmosphere and service has always been excellent. Actually, my last anniversary dinner was here.

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          Perry's Grille & Steak House on Bay Area Blvd (Clear Lake). The food is great, and there's nothing too exotic. Definitely a nice special-occasion place. Live music (but it can be loud). Ask for a table away from the piano and you'll be able to have a nice conversation.

        2. May I suggest Pappadeaux's steak and seafood restaurant. Some of the best in creole/cajun cookery. A little pricey, but worth it. There are several locations in the Houston area as well as Galveston/Kemah, The Woodlands, and Katy. Happy Anniversary.