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Mar 31, 2008 11:56 AM

Best dishes at Gordon Ramsay?

The subject line is basically it: what are recommended dishes at Gordon Ramsay? Frank Bruni liked the lobster best among mains in his update review but didn't offer much else.

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  1. I've only been twice and haven't covered much of the menu, but I love, love, love the diver scallops appetizer (sautéed Maine diver scallops with mixed spices, cauliflower purée, beignets and sherry caramel). I'm eyeing the carmelized sweetbreads for next time...

    The venison entree was nice and tender, though not as interesting in execution as it sounded on paper.

    1. Are you going to the main dining room or Maze?

      I second cimiu's suggestion on the scallops! Even though they change the preparation and condiments every season, their scallop dish continues to be one of the highlights (IMO) of the menu. I am also quite impressed by their fish dishes. They may not be the most inventive or exciting flavorwise, but they always manage to cook the fish perfectly - not undercooked or overcooked (I hate overcooked fish!). The foie gras dishes, including the foie gras standalone or the one with squab, are both very delicious (but then what foie gras dish isn't?). Their short ribs are also tendor and flavorful!

      If you are going to Maze, their PB and J dessert is supposed to be their signature dish. If you are going to the main dining room, then dessert is no longer a concern as you will be stuffed by the bonbon cart!