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Mar 31, 2008 11:34 AM

Viva in Great Barrington/Stockbridge - Anybody Been?

Any thing to report on this Spanish restaurant in Great Barrington/Stockbridge, MA ?

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  1. Excellent "tapas" place with realistic pricing. Although it is a little out of the way it should not be passed on.

    1. I have not been yet, but I would love to have a good paella spot available. The chef is doing a dinner with the Railroad St. Youth group in great Barrington in April. Here's a link to the letter to the editor referencing that.

      1. We've been away for a month, but went several times before that and liked it very much. A real Spanish place, interesting tapas, didn't try the paella but had several other main dishes and were very pleased. Prices good so far --- have a hunch they'll go up in the summer, but who knows? Pleasant servers, attractive atmosphere, we weren't going to tell too many people!

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            It is located on Rt. 183 just south of The Norman Rockwell Museum, on the right hand side in what was once Mundy's.

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                Who couldn't, unless you are not from The Shire. I had my first illegally procured drink from a bar there, and never had to use my fake i.d.

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                  yeah, fred was easy that way! hmm, maybe one of the reasons there's no more mundys?

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                    Thought it used to be the Glendale River Grille. But what do we know, we've only been here for six years! Anyway, Viva is a good new addition.

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                      Tsarina: is there anything special there you really liked?
                      By the way, Mundy's looong proceeded GRG. The chef at GRG, during Mundy days, ran The Restaurant in Lenox.

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                        Worse than Spellcheck; the computer just ate my recs! I'll try again --- but it's been a long time, the aging memory can't really handle a month.
                        My husband had a salmon main course he really liked. I had a chicken dish a couple of times, good twice, less so once. Didn't order paella, I do that. Sampled a bunch of tapas, mostly good, though not all. One --- think it was potato croquettes --- was delicious (then again, I'm mad for potatoes). If you like chorizo, they have it. Good Spanish wines. Short dessert list, good but not outstanding. Very pleasant atmosphere and agreeable servers. Spanish decor and colors. We went several times during February. Only time it was less than satisfactory was a Saturday night before something big at the Mahaiwe. It was crowded and rushed. Then again --- Sat night is my least favorite night to eat out anywhere. We went with another couple; maybe their memory is better. I'll ask, and if I get some goodies for you, I'll post them.

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                          Thanks, Tsarina! And I agree with you on the Saturday night thing; my least fave night of the week to dine out too.

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                        spellcheck ate my word..that was preceded!

          2. Nov 2008 update on the Spanish restaurant Viva in West Stockbridge/Stockbridge MA: This restaurant is worth seeking out. We dined there tonight and had a most memorable meal. Simple ingredients masterfully combined. We ordered an assortment of tapas and a salad so we had room for dessert. Crusty bread with an assortment of Spanish chesses, sauteed baby spinach with chickpeas, apple and pine nuts was incredibly delicious, the sizzling shrimp in garlic & wine was perfectly balanced and the shrimp tender and succulent, baby greens with beets and Spanish blue cheese. Bread pudding and almond cake topped if off. It appears word is out about this remarkable restaurant based on the number of patrons on this drizzly Friday night.

            1. We had dinner there on Saturday night. Six tapas and a bottle of pretty good red was under $80 plus tip. Bread very good. Shrimp dish fantastic; chorizo only so-so. Artichoke hearts, calamari, tortilla and potato croquettes were all very good. I will go back.