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Mar 31, 2008 11:27 AM

Crayfish / Crawfish in RI

Anyone know where I can pick up some (uncooked) crawfish in Rhode Island? The closer to Providence, the better. Just got back from New Orleans with a package of crawfish boil and an appetite :)

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  1. my only guess would be whole paychecks,oops,my bad,i ment whole foods.good luck on the search,im jealous.

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    1. re: im hungry

      May sound funny but check bait stores for live crayfish. I've seen a few but with them, depends on the time of year.

    2. And if you miss them as much as I do (lived there for 7 years and bought timeshare just to have an excuse to go every year) - check out this fantastic Crawfish Festival in NJ (coming up soon). It's a frigin blast - the food and music will bring you back to Nola. :-)

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      1. re: lexpatti

        Thanks for the tip - I might have to work in a trip there! I'm actually originally from NJ but have never heard of that.

        1. re: cajuntoast

          It's actually a beautiful ride there as well, in Sussex County. Many of our friends said "you're going to NJ to camp out, crazy!!!" People have so many misconceptions - It's sad. Friday night for campers has awesome free jambalaya and music into the night.

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            I saw them on your photostream, cajuntoast, and I've been looking for them every day on my trip to Charleston, SC!

            I've never had crawfish, and unfortunately don't know where to find them at home in RI.

      2. I've never seen anywhere in rhode island, least not food wise. Quakerlane on sandy bottom in coventry sometimes has them during the summer. Your best bet is trapping your own.

        The charlestown seafood festival has them but their already cooked.

        1. I don't think you will find any alive for sale. I only find them cooked and frozen. Every year I think about ordering live crayfish from down south but the shipping charges always change my mind. If you do find some, please let me know.

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          1. re: chefjohn

            I wish I had noticed the dates. Well Chefjohn, your best bet is to catch them yourself. Salmon heads, cod heads, trout heads, all make nice bait along with the guts. Best traps i've got are made by terry bullard. After they emerge from their clay burrows their pretty ravenous. Don't use chicken or anything like that.

            Don't use shad or herring, it's illegal to possess from what DEM told me years ago, not sure if that changed you must ask them. The trick, is, finding a place with crawfish where no one will steal your traps. I've had that happen, people swiping filled pots. Generally leave them 8 hours, though I've had pots full after 4-5 hours.

            The ones in bait stores......aren't ment for your consumption...and well sanitary isn't a word used when your talking fishing bait.

            1. re: Grendal

              This is half a year late, but hopefully you will see this, Grendal.

              I've been searching in vain to find a place to go crayfishing in Rhode Island. I see that you've written about how to catch them, but I'd like to know where. Do you have a few spots you could tell me about? (I found locations for almost every other state, just not Rhode Island....)

              1. re: plastichotcakes

                thats ok I am nearly a year late..... Crayfish are populated in nearly every pond, lake, river, stream, or creek, all around you. Populations of crawfish are growing at a alarming rate and Fish & Game Departments in all states are aware of the threat crawfish impose upon Game Fish in Rivers and Lakes. Any excess crawfish you catch should not be returned to any body of water, basically it is now the law in most states.

                Look for any areas which may provide cover for the crawfish such as rocks, roots, etc. These places not only provide cover for the crayfish but the algae which grows in these areas is also a food base for the crayfish. These areas also give the crayfish a good place to hide while hunting for fish fry and any other moving critter they can capture and eat alive. A general rule of thumb is night time. If you look about you can find some areas that are so over run that the traps are flooded at the first smell of bait.

                Any ponds that do not contain fish can hold monsterous populations of crayfish. Streams, rivers, and creeks, all have good cover and a great drawing area for crayfish. Any pools that have formed you want to place your crayfish trap on the lower half of the pool for stuffed traps.

                In ri we got 4 species of crawfish, according to dem. Though the last time I dicussed it with them was 4 years ago so there's probably tons more locations.

                White River Crawfish - in 43 locations
                Spinycheek Crayfish - in 11 locations
                Virile Crayfish - in 4 locations
                Common Crayfish/Appalachian Brook Crayfish - in 1 locations

                To my knowledge none of them are endangered you'd have to speak to dem....and I think we got rusty crays too...but not a cray expert. So pretty much, go nuts. Try all over.

                Also, if you go after 3, china buffet in east greenwich, has crawfish in the buffet.

          2. Here is where we purchase them for our classes. Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms Raceland LA. email is The arrive Alive. They are expensive but well worth it for having them in RI once in a while.