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Mar 31, 2008 11:15 AM

Mexican Groceries? (Seattle)

Having recently returned from a vacation in Mexico where my wife and I attended a few cooking classes, we'd like to try out some of these recipes. Quite a few of the ingredients can be found in supermarkets, but other items will likely be a bit harder to locate.

I know of the Mexican grocer at Pike Place Market, but can anyone recommend any other options? I'd particularly like to find some fresh masa (as opposed to a bag of masa flour).


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  1. There's a market with a restaurant in the back on Greenwood between 85th and 86th. Good selection, little english, great dried chilis.

    1. There are two "Mexican" grocers at the Market. The one up near Starbuck's has fresh masa in the cooler. The other is up by Jacks Fish Spot, on Post Alley where it intersects Pike Place.
      Maybe try also the "Mexi Mart" in South Park. I don't actually know if they have fresh masa, but they might, or might know who does.

      1. I've found a lot of Mexican products at Guadalupe Market, 1111 SW 128th Street in Burien. Don't know about selling fresh masa, but they make great fresh tortillas there in the store!