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Mar 31, 2008 11:12 AM

Tatiana Restaurant and Club, Brighton Beach

Tatiana restaurant and "club" was featured in an Anthony Bourdain NY episode and also recently in grub street. After looking at their website I am oddly intriqued:
Not only for the flashy and bizarre show that goes on but also for the traditional Russian fare.

Has anyone gone, is it worth it?


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  1. I've only been once - maybe 2 (3?) years ago in the early spring, and ate outside on the boardwalk, so no "show". - my brief thoughts on our meal, which we enjoyed.

    1. I ate lunch there on a weekday last spring. It was pleasant but not inexpensive. I cannot recall details so that might tell you something..

      1. I was there last June for the 'banquet'.

        And it was quite the spectacle. Everything about it.
        There was more food, vodka and gaudiness than I had ever seen in my life.
        I don't remember much specifically about the food. It wasn't 'traditional' Russian
        fare (for the banquet, anyways), I'm not sure how to describe it other than 'outer
        borough, "fancy" buffet' food. I remember the grilled lamp chops (they were served
        with ketchup to give you an idea) were pretty delicious, though.

        I highly recommend it. Get dolled up to the nines, in your flashiest duds and roll with

        I think it was about 150 pp on a Saturday night when I went, but I'm not sure what
        'package' the person who set it up chose.

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        1. re: ConOrama

          This was my experience as well. The show was memorable for it's over-the-top flashy tackiness. There was lots of glitter, smoke machines, and more lamé than I've seen since Solid Gold was on TV (and I mean in the audience too). The food was fine, but completely forgettable. We were there for my sister's bachelorette party and it was a really fun evening, but I certainly wouldn't return for the food.

        2. Are you interested in the food or the show?
          Because better Russian food could be had elsewhere.

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          1. re: StrawbrryF

            Where do you like to eat Russian food?

            1. re: MMRuth

              Well, I'm actually Russian so my expectations of what Russian food is might be a little different.
              I tend to like places that are smaller and less showy:
              The Emerald in Queens
              9704 Queens Boulevard
              and Stolovaya
              813 Avenue U in Brooklyn.

              1. re: StrawbrryF

                Thanks so much - not into showy, and I'd love to try your suggestions. Any particular dishes that you like at these places? Our meal at Tatyana (Tatiana?) was fun b/c we sat out on the board walk on a blustery spring day!

                Also - a bit of a tangent - we actually went to Brighton Beach in search of a glass "decanter" to serve vodka in that we'd seen at a Serbian/Russian (yes!) restaurant in Virginia - it was bulbuous, with a narrow neck. We had no luck finding it, and I've never been able to find a photo - but I wonder if this sounds familiar to you and, if so, where we might find this item.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Stolovaya is famous for their pelmeni (dumplings with various types of meat). You can even pick some up frozen at their store next door if you're there when it's open. This place is pretty casual: more of a diner than a restaurant but the food is great. Here, there will never be a show: there's simply no room. Just some good ol' fashioned eating in unpretentious surroundings.

                  The Emerald is great for the various kebabs and other meat dishes. Also get their fresh-baked flatbreads, "home fries" with mushrooms and the simple spring salad (the dressing is delicious). This place is pretty small and popular with the surrounding community so if you plan to go on a weekend night, get a reservation (and expect to listen to a signer and watch drunk Russian people celebrate birthdays/anniversaries, etc.) I prefer going on a weeknight when it's quiet and the waitstaff aren't overwhelmed with a big banquet. Oh and it's BYOB. :)

                  As far as the decanter, sorry, that doesn't sound familiar at all. :( If you hadn't found it on Brighton Beach though, I suspect that it was probably more Serbian than Russian (which restaurant btw? I used to live in DC. )

                  1. re: StrawbrryF

                    Thank you. The Serbian Crown was the place in DC - had quite raucus late lunch there once w/ a group of Ukrainians.

                    1. re: StrawbrryF

                      Stolovaya went downhill a long time ago. One of those death by popular demand things.

                      1. re: StrawbrryF

                        Strawberry..can you tell us more about the kebabs and other things to order at Emerald..?? Sounds like an interesting eating they ever have entertainment during the week?? Is it Vegas-ey entertainment??

                        1. re: erica

                          I tried to find an online menu for Emerald so I could point you to what things are specifically called, but no luck.
                          Basically, there's a whole section devoted to kebabs. They have lamb, chicken, beef, both boneless pieces on a skewer and "natural" kebabs that come on short ribs (kinda like rack of lamb I guess, it's hard to explain until you see them). I particularly like the lamb and the beef, they come with this great spicy tomato sauce.
                          I also forgot to mention that they gave great meat-stuffed pastries that are called samsa. Delicious! Get an order of those. My family will usually order samsa and the salad to tide us over until the meat the arrives, and then we get the salad and the potatoes with the meat.

                          The entertainment issue really varies. Sometimes, it's absolutely quiet and no one is there but you. But other times, somebody is having a birthday on a Wednesday and all hell is breaking loose despite the fact that it's in the middle of the week. They usually have a singer, who does both Russian and English-language "hits" and people dance. The owner himself will sometimes come out of the kitchen and sing if the patrons are his regulars. I've never really witnessed full-on Vegas-style performance there but that's because I avoid it. When my family goes, we always inquire about the entertainment when making reservations and avoid the full-on spectacular: it gets so loud, you can't talk to people and spend the whole dinner screaming over the table just to catch up.

                          1. re: StrawbrryF

                            Many thanks! I will put Emerald on my sounds like food food and some fun, too, especially for a small group.

                            1. re: erica

                              Just went to a newly opened Russian place down the street from Emerald and wanted to share my experience. It's called "Sveta's Place" and it's at 92-60 Queens Blvd. Really great experience. We went for a late lunch and had really fantastic food. I went with family so got a chance to experience a ton of dishes. For cold appetizers, we had salo (pork fat), pickled herring, a pickled fruit and vegetable plate (really innovative: they had pickled watermelon and concord grapes along with your regular fare of pickles and sauerkraut) and a simple green salad. The hot appetizers were really yummy potatoes with mushrooms and everybody had different soups. I enjoyed my borsch with pieces of meat didn't have to order an entree after that) and my SO had the "chicken soup with ravioli" (ravioli = pelmeni). I also tasted bits of others' entrees: SO's "natural" pork chop (on the bone), cousin's AMAZING potato latkas, various kebabs and even Mom's duck with apples.
                              True, the menu may not be all that well translated into English (the waiter did speak English and explained things well to both Russian and English-speaking guests) and the decor that only Trump would love, I think it's going to become the new family standby. If any of you still haven't made the trip out to Emerald, I would substitute Sveta's instead. There were 9 of us and lunch (we brought booze) came to $270 including a 10% service charge. So it's not cheap but very reasonable considering the number of dishes we tried and their quality.
                              (For those who worry about noise, there's a small stage at one end of the space but no one was performing when we were there. There was a flat-screen TV playing various European music videos, but we were asked whether the sound level was OK when we sat down. That's the first time that happened to me in a Russian restaurant so I'm blown away.)

              2. Thanks! I was actually interested in this place for the entire spectacle, the food but also the total gaudiness. Seemed like something fun and different to do.

                I see suggestions for better places food wise. I live in Bushwick but am happy to shlep if it's worth it.

                I haven't been to Brighton Beach before (only Coney Island, etc) but is there any other good places right by the subway and or boardwalk making for a nice summer day activity?

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                  You HAVE to go to BB to shop in International Market. Their borscht and soups are wonderful and very inexpensive. Ditto their brown/rye breads, sausages, etc etc. This is a classic CH spot! And make sure to sample the pastries sold on the street by the older ladies..these are some seriously good sweets!!

                  My sister wanted to have her wedding bash at one of the clubs but was talked out of it by less adventurous friends, I am sorry to say. I always wanted to go to one of the revues..we watched them rehearsing when we had lunch at Tatiana..quite a spectacle!