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Mar 31, 2008 11:04 AM

Also, anywhere I can get fresh Chicharrón?

I have found the packaged vaiety at latin american groceries, but would love some freshly fried chicharron!

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  1. If you want it really fresh and are going to fry it up yourself, Americana Grocery Stores (various locations throughout the area) have all types of freshly butchered meat of the Latin persuasion. Their motto: "anything edible on a cow or pig is for sale in our meat shop."

    1. You'll probably be most lucky finding it at Bolivan restaurants in NoVa, such as Tutto Bene in Arlington. Look for the special Bolivian menu. I *think* the Bolivian menu is available primarily on the weekends, but call to check.

      1. Pretty much any Salvadoran restaurant. Samantha's in Langley Park has great food generally, and their yucca con chicharron is fantastic. Fried yucca. Why would anyone ever eat french fries when they could have fried yucca? It's about the only fried food I'll eat.

        1. Thanks everyone. I was hoping that there would be some roadside cart that fried it up fresh and sold it in in large plastic bags, like in Mexico. Oh well, maybe I will buy a fryer and try to do it myself. Can't wait to check out the Americana Grocery.