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Has anyone been to P*ong?

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I am going to meet up with some friends for dinner later in the week, and someone suggested this place. Any reviews?

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  1. i've been here and had the tasting menu (think chikalicious-size portions). I don't think guys will like it much. portions are too small, decor/atmosphere is like a refined pinkberry, sleek, airy, modern, yet somewhat girly/cutesy and dessert-y (duh, that's what they're known for). you eat in delicate nibbles to savor the small bites, which is good but standard asian fusion (i'm not a huge fan, being asian). it's great for teatime/lunchtime, dinner with the girls, get together with best friend. But If you're looking for a hearty fulfilling meal, this is not it.

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      Thanks..you pretty much summed up the review my sister gave me!!