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Mar 31, 2008 10:32 AM

Which wich?

There's one opening up near me. I'm not a fan of chains, but it's close to where I work and could serve as a quick place to grab lunch and go.

I'm skeptical of chain sandwich shops, as they just seem to be proliferating right now, but I'm just curious whether anyone knows anything about it?

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  1. Gimmicky order process that kids love, but so far every sandwich ordered there has been far superior to the chain sub shops in the area (Subway, McAllister's, Quizno's). I find it hard to believe that such an extensive menu can be that good, but so far everything has been fresh.

    I've tried their Gyro, turkey, Cuban, ham, roastbeef - all are good. There are many different varieties of each, and the key is to pick your dressings carefully.

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      Interesting. I thought the ordering process looked gimmicky as well, so I was kind of skeptical..are there certain dressings that should be avoided?

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        I tried it for the first time yesterday for lunch, Austin TX. I had the Cuban with only what typically comes on a Cubano (ham, pork, swiss, pickles, mustard). It was good, like a chain version of a Cubano albeit a little over salty in some bites. Service was slow and the place wasn’t that crowded. Will return though, I’m looking forward to trying the reuben next.

    2. I've had it once a couple of weeks ago, was impressed and will definitely be back, I like the ordering system and the choices, just need to be careful not to get carried away and choose everything.

      1. Anyone else been to a Which Wich lately? One is opening near my office soon and I'm wondering if it's something I should look forward to really. Previous posts here look good but more input is always good. :)

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          Just thought I'd report in. Which Wich opened today and I happened to be driving by so I stopped for lunch. I got the Cuban and really enjoyed it. The bread is crusty without being hard which I really like. Good flavor, good price and will definitely be back.

        2. The two I have been to in Austin, TX have been great. I don't eat meat, so I have only tried the avocado, and three cheese options. While the '3 cheese' was a little too heavy, the avocado is consistently good. I mean really, really good. I always load it with all the choices - various olives, peppers, veggies, etc. Amazingly cheap too. Here in Austin every sandwich on the menu is just over 5 dollars.

          Like many folks here I try to avoid chains and make an effort to eat locally. However, when this an option this place is amazing. (They play great music too, on what I assume is a satellite service.) Check it out.

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            I've gotta agree, Its wierd that here in Iowa I can get a relatively good, cheap and tasty avacodo sandwich. All the other places have this day-glo spread that seems unnatural...

          2. One just opened up a few miles from my house and now I think I am going to have to check it out. Any specific recommendations besides the avacado?