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Mar 31, 2008 10:17 AM

Free sushi samples - Kenmore Sq.

Fin's, a new Japanese place in the same building as UBurger (636 Beacon) in Kenmore Square was handing out free boxes of shrimp tempura maki (5 slices) at lunchtime today. If you're in the area, and like free food, you might want to stop by. I don't know how long they will be out there, since the weather isn't good - I saw the wind blowing the bags off the table they had set up.

The sushi was ok (especially for the price...) - not great, but not bad either. Their menu says they have another location near Cleveland Circle and own Symphony Sushi in Boston.

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  1. I just stopped by Bruegger's for coffee, and the Fin's guy is gone. It looks like the restaurant is still under construction. Did they give any indication as to when it would open?

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    1. re: pamalamb

      I didn't ask. Despite the "now hiring" signs in the window, I just assumed it was open (I guess I was wrong), or would be in the next couple of days, since it wouldn't help business much to hand out samples weeks before people could actually buy something.

      The kitchen must be pretty much finished, since they were apparently making the sushi there. The sample bags were coming out a few at a time, not all at once like you might expect if they had made the sushi at one of their other locations and just trucked it to Kenmore.

      1. re: pamalamb

        I walked past it today, and there's a big "Grand Opening" sign. I saw people entering and leaving, so I assume they're open.

        1. re: overproofed

          A bunch of take out/delivery menus was left in my mail room They must be open.

      2. I heard about a new sushi place in Cleveland Circle but have never been able to see it driving by. Any sightings?

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        1. re: steinpilz

          I ran past it yesterday. It's on Chestnut Hill Ave between Beacon and Comm. It's next door to Roggies. I *think* it's called Fin Sushi and Grill.

          1. re: beetlebug

            Yes, it's the same Fin's that is opening in Kenmore. The space looks very nice, but I haven't been in. Website is

              1. re: pamalamb

                is this on the same level as UBurger or did it take over the Thai place underneath?

                1. re: Joanie

                  Same level, directly above the Thai place. It took over the spot that was (I think) previously a photo/camera shop.

          2. I had the Chilean sea bass katsu bento box lunch special today at the new Kenmore Fin's. Although not as unhealthily satisfying as a Hot Chick meal at UBurger, I did think this was probably the best lunch I'd had in the Kenmore area for under $10 - with a fair selection of items in the box, nice presentation and a solid miso. The yellowtail maki I added on was reasonable for $5 but nothing special.

            What is really worth noting is the interior. Get a peek in if you can. The room is 'ribbed' with metal frames that wrap around the ceiling and form the supports for the oddly-shaped tables.

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            1. re: teaTomE

              I had the unagi bento lunch special today. They give you a lot of food for $8.50! In the box was lettuce/tom salad, 2 gyoza, 2 crab/avocado rolls, fruit, and a cup of miso soup. Wasn't the most amazing that I have ever had, but it was solid and a pretty good deal for the area, IMO. I'll definitely be back to try more of the menu. The interior is pretty modern and funky- not what you would expect in a brownstone!