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Mar 31, 2008 10:13 AM

Looking for Excellent Steak Excellent Price SEA

I want to take a date out on his birthday for a good steak or meat dish meal. I am a teacher so the budget is a little limited- but I would love to bless him with a great night. Any suggestions? Any places that I should try that would be fun for a birthday dinner? I am looking for something in the Seattle area.

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  1. JaK's has resonably priced steaks and they are pretty good quality as well.

    Jak's Grill
    3701 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105

    1. At Made in Kitchen (in the I.D.) you can get a hotplate full of kalbi (beef short rib) steaks for about $12 iirc (if he's really hungry, he can do 2 orders). Or if he's a beer person (this is NOT a romantic setting, though) the kalbi steaks at Taphouse Grill downtown (not nearly as good as Made in Kitchen, though). If lunch is an option, the Brooklyn has an inexpensive steak lunch special and Maximiliens has a hanger steak lunch special, both under $20 (and for an even more informal option, there are the Philly cheesesteak sandwiches at Tat's and happy hr burgers at Metropolitan; if you can't get there early enough to score a table in the bar area, they might let you sit at the window table by the door in the regular area and still qualify for HH prices).

      1. Divine at 80th and Roosevelt has a Grilled Kobe Beef for $24 w/fingerling potatoes, radichio and arugula. They also do lamb and pork. If you can get there during happy hour they have drink discounts and some app discounts. I haven't had the beef there but I have generally found that the food is very good and they have some lower priced wines that are not the usual stuff you see in restaurants. The Carchello Jumillo Tinto is a nice wine for a nice price. [$5 at happy hour].

        Atmosphere is nice and service is good. You can often find the 2 $25 gift certificates being sold for $25 through the Warm 106 radio promo with a few catches, like not for use on alcohol, one cert per visit. etc.

        Cocina Esperanza is reasonable and has a good pork special or carne asada.Over by Golden Gardens where the Gob shop used to be.

        1. I know it's not downtown Seattle, but an awesome price on Steak Frites is Saltoro's up on Greenwood Ave N. I think only around $20? Always great service too.

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            I second the recommendation for Saltoro's. That's my go-to dish there. Reasonable price, very nice, upscale atmosphere, and one killer steak frites!

          2. Morton's (my favorite steak place) has a "Dinner for 2 for $109" deal going on right now.
            It's two steaks, two seafood items, two apps and a dessert.

            $109 isn't cheap, but it's a great price for all this at Morton's.