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Mar 31, 2008 10:01 AM

Stock the bar party gift?

Does anyone have any unique ideas for a gift for my friend's "Stock the Bar" shower this weekend? I know they're big fans of bourbon, vodka & beer. I don't want to buy anything that they'll get a million of, like cocktail shakers, etc.

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  1. Doesn't go w/ bourbon, vodka & beer - but I've always thought that champagne straws are fun:

    1. High quality old fashioned and highball glasses, brandied cherries, cocktail napkins, a juicer, sugar cubes, an assortment of good bitters.

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        Fee's sells an assortment of their 7 bitters which are fun to experiment with:

      2. Vintage glassware! It's unique, usually relatively affordable, and they'll think of you every time they take a sip.

        If you're feeling generous, no one's going to be sad to get a bottle of Eagle Rare aged Bourbon.

        1. a cool oddball bar pitcher, or a high quality muddler and some vintage garnish picks and swizzle sticks

          1. I love that this is described as a "shower," as if they've just had a kid. Or if they did just have a kid, this is kind of sad.

            If you browse eBay, you'll find big lots of vintage bar coasters that advertise old, extinct regional beers, and they always go for dead cheap. I have tons of these, and they're really cool to have around. Similarly, metal bar trays with the old logos are pretty cheap, though some of them are pretty beat up.

            Do you know where your friend grew up? If there's an old local brewery that was native to his hometown, maybe you could find an old bar clock or some glassware with their logo. For example, my brother in law is from Minneapolis, and he LOVED a set of mixed Hamm's beer glasses I got him for Christmas last year.

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              It is a "shower" like, they're getting married. Like a wedding shower.