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Mar 31, 2008 09:58 AM

Proof or Bistro Bis

Very different, I think...I have a birthday coming up. I am considering both of these restaurants. I know that Proof is very "in" and in a fun part of town. The food has gotten really good reviews too. Bistro Bis is probably more staid but I love Vidalia and they have the same owners. My concern is that Bistro Bis might be dead on a Saturday because it mostly serves the Hill. We don't want dinner in too quiet an atmosphere. Also, has the food remained consistent over the years? Please advise. Thanks.

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  1. I would say Proof- I find the food at Bis to be fine and fairly consistent but I don't love the atmosphere as much. I would rate Proof's food as superior and Proof's atmosphere just seems more celebratory for me.

    1. I agree, I think Proof has a great atmosphere for celebrating. I was just there Saturday night for dinner and it was crowded and lively even around midnight when we left. Not sure how many are in your birthday party, but you could always get a bunch of cheeses, some of their first plates/appetizers, and some champagne from the champagne trolly and have a great night.

      1. Definitely Proof. The food is fantastic and they have a wonderful Champagne cart that's really fun for a celebration!

        1. I love both of these restaurants. But for a birthday celebration I would go to Proof. The food at Bis is still quite good and one of the more consistant restaurants in DC, but Proof has more of a celebration/fun night out feel (hellooooo champagne cart!).

          For Proof thought I highly suggest making reservations since you are right by saying its still really hot right now and hard to get into.

          One option would be to return to Bistro Bis of Sunday brunch. I'm pretty sure they still do the pre-fix deal for around $30/pp. It's very good and if you sit at the bar area they let you lounge and read the paper etc. It's my favorite brunch in town.

          1. i love both of them too and you are right about Bis...on the weekend it's very quiet but it was fully populated the Sat we went. Proof is ALWAYS hopping. So if you are looking for something quiet & romantic choose Bis. If you are looking for something trendy and hopping choose Proof. The food is quite good at both, i would say Bis is probably a little pricier but they are not that different $ wise.