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Mar 31, 2008 09:46 AM

Yo Mama's vs. Port of Call

Every trip we always make a pilgrimage to P of C for a burger and a Monsoon, but have been hearing a lot about Yo Mama's.....
any opinions/preferences?

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  1. I've had excellent burgers at both. Since you are already familiar with Port of Call, why not try Yo Mama's?

    1. Yo Mama's is worth a visit. But after all, how can you be sure that POC is the best in the city if you haven't tried all the others?

      I also recommend trying burgers at Clover Grill, The Alibi, GB's, and Lakeview Harbor.

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      1. re: sirvelvet

        and what about camelia grill? when i was in NOLA in october, i went there for a burger n pecan pie (that they put on the grill!)...even though the pie wasn't all that imo. i do remember the burger being good though, and the neighborhood is beautiful to boot.

      2. You certainly won't be disappointed with Yo Mamas. My preference is POC. FYI, Yo Mamas spreads the bun with mayo. You'll probably need to request extra sour cream as well. Lakeview Harbor is supposedly run by the POC folks. IMO, they put out lousy, smaller burgers that are rarely cooked as ordered. Last baked potato looked and tasted like it sat around all day. Luke makes a nice upscale burger (big enough for 2) that comes with a generous cone of homemade fries.

        1. When I moved down here, all I heard about was Port of Call. I gave it a shot and was extremely disappointed. The quality of the beef was fair to middlin and the potato was boring. A good burger is one of those things I expect anyone to be able to turn out if they just put the effort in. Add in the obligatory wait to be seated and it's off my list. Regardless of how much crap I give Besh's Luke on this board, they do an impressive burger with great fries.

          1. I would try Yo Mamas they have a ridiculous variety of burgers. Beachcorner in Midcity also has awesome burgers, and they have onion rings which is what i prefer to eat with my burgers. They are also correct about Luke. they use ground filet in thier burger hance the 16.00 ticket price.

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            1. re: localfoodie

              Beachcorner has a nice large menu (for a bar). The burgers are big, delicious and cheap! Mine was cooked exactly as I asked. Yo Mama's is very good too. I stopped going to POC years ago. One bad night set me off the place for good.