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Mar 31, 2008 09:35 AM

Gundam-style scallops sushi

Hi folks,

When I was in Colorado, every sushi restaurant (and there were quite a few) served bay scallops with roe in a creamy sauce on top of rice wrapped horizontally with nori. A friend told me that this is called "gundam-style" because the piece ends up looking like a battleship. All the sushi restaurants I've been to in NYC serve scallop sushi as a slice of a sea scallop like a normal nigiri piece.

Anyone seen the former style around? Much appreciated.


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  1. Never, ever heard of this! Here in Las Vegas, we have alot of sushi joints, and "fusion" sushi is really popular. I've never seen it here in Vegas, but perhaps Colorado's sushi places have created something new!

    1. Hi tuffa,

      I think you are referring to Gunkan-style sushi which are sushi made by wrapping a piece of nori around the rice and the ingredients on top. While scallops with roe or plain scallops served gunkan-style is an authentic way to serve scallops as sushi, they are ususally used only if the scallops are too small to cover the rice in nigiri style. Also, the "creamy" sauce that you mentioned are rarely used in high end place because the last thing you want to do to high quality fresh scallops is to mask them with any sauce. While some places that serve new style sushi may do that, the most common reason that the scallops are mixed with sauce is to mask the not-so-fresh taste of lower quality scallops.

      That said, if you really want to find the gunkan style scallop sushi, I suspect you will have a better chance at one of those neighborhood sushi places than at high-end places like Yasuda. I think there is a conveyor belt sushi place called Sakae in midtown which serves a lot of gunkan sushi with sauces and stuff. You may be able to find what you are looking for.

      By the way, Gundam is an old popular anime related to a robot. It has nothing to do with sushi :)

      1. I agree that you won't find it at high-end places... the only place I've seen it is at Sakae Sushi, the revolving sushi bar in midtown. Of course I don't recommend eating there, but it's the only place at which I've seen it. They specialize in gunkan-style sushi.