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Mar 31, 2008 09:13 AM

Amsterdam with baby - help!

My husband and I will be returning to Amsterdam in a few weeks, this time with our infant daughter in tow. She will be just over 2 months old.

We have been to Amsterdam many, many times so are familiar with the city, but we're having a hard time trying to think of places that we can go for lunch and dinner that will be "easy" with our buggy and baby. It's a quick trip, so we're not looking for anything special, but would like some suggestions for meals where we won't disturb the world with a stroller and an infant in her carrier seat.

She's a very good baby, goes out with us in London often, and will likely sleep the whole time, but I can't imagine trying to wield a buggy at, say, Tempo Doeloe.


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  1. I passed the question on to friends who just did the same thing; here's what Audrey had to say:

    Gosh, this was a difficult feature of Amsterdam. Lots of stairs and small spaces.

    Cafes that were okay during the day were Walem (smoky, but NO stairs) and the Bagels and Beans chain.

    All of these places except Walem required 2 people to get the stroller up at least a small amount of stairs.

    We did not find any place that wowed us and that we were able to get into with a stroller.

    EXCEPT the chocolate tea room Pompadour - the original one with the interior imported from Antwerp, around the 9 streets area. I walked past on my own with the stroller and drooled but had to wait for my husband to join me to actually go in, and then we were both very glad we did. Only chocolates and pastries, though.

    The only place besides Walem I was able to go to on my own with the stroller was a large department store in the big old square (whose name I can't remember, but it's easy to find). It had a couple of places to eat on several floors, and a working elevator, and wireless internet I believe. Not particularly delicious, but manageable in a city without many options for this circumstance.