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Mar 31, 2008 09:08 AM

Trip to Tuscany & Umbria

I am currently planning my honeymoon to Tuscany and Umbria and am looking for some experienced foody advice. Here are some of the places I am currently planning on going to:

Orvieto - I Sette Consoli
Greve - Solociccia
Florence - La Giostra, Il Latini and Il CcHe' c'e c'e
Rome - L'Archeologia, Colline Emilliane and Ditirambo

I am also planning on staying in Siena for one night and Perugia for two nights and need suggestions there.

If anyone has suggestions for places to go that I may have missed or comments about the places I am planning on visiting, I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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  1. Congratulations! My husband and I just eloped in Siena (still sounds weird saying HUSBAND).

    We had some spectacular dining experiences. We had lunch at Osteria del Loggia in Siena. Make reservations. We didn't, and just got in.. barely.

    Have fun.

    1. La Giostra is a great choice for a honeywoon - it is both bustling and romantic (tough combo to find)

      In the Greve area, lots of wonderful choices....In Panzano, think about Il Vescovino, great food and great view. In Montefiorelle, there is another wonderful place called Taverna Il Guerrino (all of these towns are very close together, by the way).

      1. We dined at SoloCiccia this past November and loved it and will return this July. Also down the street from SoloCiccia is another restaurant we like quite a bit, Oltre il Giardino.

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          I Latini is not a place I would recommend if you are looking for a really good meal. Food there is passable but nothing great. Also full of tourists and noise. Too many better places to try: Sostanza, Antico Fattore, Trattoria Cibreo, and others written up here. Last review I saw here within the past few days really dumped on La Giostra. I suggest you do a search on this site for La Giostra - reviews are both good and very bad.

        2. If you have a vehicle while staying in Perugia, you might want to head west about 8 km to the town of Corciano. Very lovely dining outdoors in season is "Ristorante Il Convento, via del Serraglio 2, Tel. # 075 6978946. Also "Cafe Di Perugia" Via Fani Cesare 14, Tel. # 075 5131863 is right off the Corso Vannucci, the main street in the Centro Storico of Perugia. Would also suggest going to the site "Slow Travel" and exploring the "Italy" section for reviews of restaurants, hotels and things to do in all the regions of Italy. Also reading the posts on the "Italy Forum" will be helpful. Not sure when you will be there, but always lots to do and see in Perugia, a university town.


          1. I aggree with CGT about Il Latini. It is a tourist trap. When you are in Perugia, you should take a day trip to Gubbio. Taverna del Lupo is a wonderful restaurant there. On your way to Orvieto you might want to stop off at Taverna del Pescatore, just south of Trevi and north of Spoleto. If you can, you should also try to get to Lucca. It is a really beautiful and well-preserved medeival city, and Buca di San Antonio is the place to dine. You may be able to do this as a day trip from Siena.

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              Thanks for all of the help. I will definitely keep all of this in mind.