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Mar 31, 2008 08:33 AM

Halloumi cheese in Nashville

About a year ago I bought a pound of halloumi cheese in Nashville, which was a big breathrough for this market. Seems the distributor for this region wouldn't break up the 50-pound packages in which it's imported, which is why it has been impossible to find. However, someone, somewhere is packaging it for individual sale, and now I can't recall which of Nashville's many import groceries is doing so. Tried K&S on Charlotte, tried InterAsian on Nolensville. Anyone knwo whether Global Market has it?

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  1. I'm sorry I can't help you with your question, fluffernutter, but I have a similar question to ask on behalf of a friend in the Nashville area. He's wondering where the can find raw milk raclette cheese in or around Nashville. He can find pasturized raclette, but not the raw cheese he prefers. Any ideas for him, anyone?


    Again, fluffernutter, sorry for glomming onto your thread. : )

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      Try whole foods or Corriere's. I can't guarantee, but Corriere's has a great selection of artisanal cheeses. And Whole Foods -- I have a mixed relationship with it, but I did find a Wisconsin-made vegan aged Parmesan there, and I didn't even know one existed.

      1. re: fluffernutter

        Unfortunately, he struck out at both of those places. Oh, well. Recently he mentioned that with spring approaching that he wasn't in a big rush to find some as, at least for him, it's a fall/wintertime dish. Maybe that will give him more time to explore the area and locate some. Perhaps Corriere's can order it for him if it comes to that.

        Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. I spotted halloumi cheese at Whole Fooods today.

      1. Harris Teeter has Halloumi in their cold case near the deli. It is pre packaged, the same brand I had been getting in the Bay Area. I love to slice and "fry" it or cube it and use it in place of Paneer in my Palak Paneer recipe