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Mar 31, 2008 08:07 AM


"Maurice French Pastries" was featured on the Fine Living channel. I've never heard any chatter about this bakery...anybody got the lowdown on it?

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  1. Overpriced underwhelming pastries. Loyal old-line blue-blood clientèle, but living off it's reputation, IMHO

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      1. re: Hungry4Good

        I wish it were deserving of that good a description - no, imagine a place that used to be deserving of praise, but now doesn't feel it really needs to try terribly hard anymore.

    1. I posted a response to your query, but it was somehow deleted. On West Metairie Ave out in Metairie, good for decorated birthday cakes, traditional french patisserie. They deliver, and will also make mini versions of croissants, etc with 24 hour notice.

      1. I have cake duty at work, so I have to buy all birthday cakes. I've had several from Maurice's - employee gets to choose where and what they want. They are just ok. Petit-fours were dry too.