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Mar 31, 2008 08:05 AM

Bagged milk in Calgary?

Anyone know if you can buy bagged milk in Calgary? I am so tired of the flaky crusty yuck on the jug. I miss bagged milk!

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  1. Sorry I haven't seen bagged milk anywhere in Calgary. Community carries Avalon Dairy milk in glass jugs, but it's a bit expensive. Otherwise I'd just either decant the milk into a pitcher (preferably one with a lid) or use a hot wet cloth to remove the crusty bits.

    1. When I emigrated to Canada it was to Toronto and I found bagged milk to be one of the more charming aspects of Canadiana, like butter tarts and metric and "centre/harbour/colour." Not seeing it in Alberta makes me sad. But I don't think they have it in BC either, so maybe it's an east-west thing.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        I haven't seen bagged milk anywhere in BC either. Probably just the way the dairies set up distribution? Personally I don't miss having to locate a knife, scissors or milk-bag-opener thingy to get the milk open and I like that the containers are recyclable. I will keep my funky spelling, metric (although ask me how tall I am and I'll tell you in feet & inches) and my butter tarts - with raisins svp.

        1. re: maplesugar

          They used to sell it here but I haven't seen bagged milk in years.

        2. re: John Manzo

          I remember pouring milk from a bag as a child in Sarnia, ON, and in the early 90's in Calgary--we even had a special boxy plastic receptacle for the milk bag and a fridge magnet with a blade made specifically to slit open bagged milk. I miss it, too!

          1. re: aktivistin

            ha! I am from Chatham. Yeah..the fridge magnet with blade that is the one I can either go on the fridge or slip on the side of the container that holds the milk.

            I just think the milk seems so much fresher. my could freeze a bag of milk...yeah it is a little bit separated but fine for the coffee.
            I actually just sent them a note asking why they don't selll it out west.

            we shall see what they say.

          2. re: John Manzo

            We had bagged milk in Alberta ages ago.. when I was but a young lad growing up in Edmonton in the 80's I remember having bagged milk every morning along with my oatmeal and toast.

          3. okay Parmalat actually called me to tell me that they did a study years ago and Alberta wasn't into bagged milk, they prefer cartons and jugs. They asked how the topic came up so I told her about chowhound and how my husband and I were talking differences between the provinces in milk, beef, poultry etc. I told the lady I was speaking with they should do a new survey! haha!

            ...not real exciting but I still miss bagged milk. Which apparently is called pouches. .

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              Honestly as a born and raised Albertan I'd never buy bagged milk if carton milk is present and I've drank both before. The east vs west thing applies to beer as well. East- Lagers 50% Ales 50% West- Lagers 90% Ales 10%