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Mar 31, 2008 07:46 AM



I am confused. You removed all mention of my book on New Mexico cuisine and my travel blog and informed me it was not allowed. Now I see the mention of another author's book by what I presume is a third party: "Look for a book called NEW MEXICO CHOW by Scott Sherot and published by The Intrepid Traveler. I got mine through Amazon, but I did see it for sale at many places around NM. It was very very helpful on a couple of trips and I found the reviews to be spot-on accurate."

Now really, is this fair? As I've said before, I've referred people to my book and blog as a quick and easy way to get information, not as self-promotion.
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  1. Per our guidelines, unbiased and disinterested parties are welcome to recommend books, the author of a book is not. With respect to blogs, we request that bloggers cut and paste their suggestions from their blog into a Chowhound post.

    We have many people who'd like to use our resource for self-promotion, and we ask even those who are not doing it deliberately to set an example for others by refraining from activities that could be seen as self-promotion. Please, share your knowledge and expertise with your fellow hounds directly rather than referring them to your other ventures.