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Mar 31, 2008 07:34 AM

nice dinner recommendation in Lakeview

I'm looking for a nice dinner recommendation in Lakeview. I know there are lots of good options in Lincoln Park but I'd rather not venture that far south. All cuisines and price ranges work, I would just like a place that would be appropriate for a nice date. I'll be going on a week night, so I'm not concerned about it being crowded or a long wait.

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  1. Jack's on Halsted for contemporary American cuisine, with global accents -

    1. I think Sola is great. It tends to get loud (mostly just because of the airy, open design), but on a weeknight I can't imagine it would be too bad:

      Must it be in Lakeview, or do you just prefer it to be north? We love Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square as well... Very charming and would be a great date place - but I'd make reservations just to be sure you get a table.

      Just a couple of suggestions to start with!

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        Sola's good, too, although technically it's in North Center, rather than Lakeview. If you go there, note that the entrance is on the side street (Byron) rather than on Lincoln where its street address is - it's easy to go right by on Lincoln without noticing it!

      2. I don't know what your definitition of "appropriate for a nice date" is, but I'd be all about Tac Quick for Thai. Granted it wouldn't be as "nice" as Jack's, or probably quite a few of the places that would be considered "appropriate" by some, but you're gonna get great Thai food, it's byob (with corkage) and it's not a "shack" by any means. I might be more adventurous than most when it comes to what is "appropriate," but I'm always look for something different than most.

        1. Try Casbah, on Broadway, about a block South of Belmont- cozy, dark atmosphere- Middle Eastern menu with french influences- great food and service- reasonably priced
          it's a little gem in the neighborhood

          1. Home Bistro is pretty good its down the street from Jack's. The menu online probably is not accurate; it changes according to what is in season