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Mar 31, 2008 06:16 AM

Scottsdale, AZ Dinner Options

Will be in Scottsdale later this week for business and looking for high quality food in a casual setting for dinner with coworkers. Any cuisine is fine -- especially good regional food -- and not concerned about cost. I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express at 3131 N. Scottsdale Road and would prefer places we can walk to, but a short car ride is ok too. Also, prefer places where the people who live in Scottsdale would go to.

Thanks in advance for your recs.

BL -- DC Hound

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  1. As long as you are ok with a 5-6 block (large blocks) walk, you can walk to many great places in Old Town Scottsdale. Or, all are a close drive or short cab ride (walk there, cab back, etc.)

    To start, here is a list of places within approx a 5-mile radius of your hotel that I can recommend...
    Sea Saw
    Los Sombreros
    House of Tricks
    Cowboy Ciao
    Stax Burger Bistro
    Estate House
    Fine's Cellar
    Noodles Ranch (very casual)
    Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian
    Olive & Ivy
    Atlas Bistro
    Cafe ZuZu or Trader Vic's at the Valley Ho

    I'm sure others will have some additional ideas, but this is a good list to start your research and narrow down from there.