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Best Burger in the Burbs?

This board has made many recommendations for the "Best" of many foods. I live in Montgomery County and would like to know who has the absolute best burgers. I do not eat them often, but when I do, I really enjoy them and am looking forward to having the best experience ever. Can you help me on this?

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  1. Actually, the best burgers are at my house!

    However, I have had a pretty decent burger at The Drafting Room in Springhouse.

    1. Mike's Bar and Grille, hands down. It's on York Road in Warminster. The Mike Super Burger is killer.

      1. I like the burgers at Capones on the Germantown Pike in East Norriton. They have a fantastic beer selection as well.

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          I agree with Jason that Capone's has great Angus beef burgers. I would also shoot a vote for(though they're a chain) Five Guys in the Gateway Shopping Center.

        2. The Drake Tavern in Jenkintown. The Captain Morgan Burger is fantastic!

          1. I was blown away by a burger at the Farmhouse Tavern in Doylestown. They call it the frenchy or something like that- boursin cheese, onion marmalade, perfect medium with a nice sear.

            1. I would have to say that the Freight House in Doylestown does a great burger. We've also had good burgers at that chain...Cheeburger Cheeburger in Chalfont. Now recently BF and I went downtown and hands down we feel the burgers at Ted's Montana Grill are the best. They have a huge selection, including Bison burgers. I'm not sure why they aren't talked about more on this board. We've never had any other food there but the burger. OH! I just remembered.....Huey's a small bar in Lansdale has a really good one, too. I think it's a Blue Cheese burger.

              1. You may not hear much about Ted's Montana West because it's a chain resturant owned by Ted Turner. My husband I went there one night after a matinee at the Academy of Music. Pretty bad experience....
                - walked in and asked for a table. Hostess told us they were booked and we could eat at the bar. There wasn't a soul in the place. We sat at the empty bar.
                -The female bartender was obnoxious, serving drinks to the staff, cursing and talking about her sexuality to anyone in eyeshot.
                -Our meals were ok but nothing to rave about.
                -When we paid and left, there still was not a soul in the place.

                Honestly, I thought about calling to complain but realized that the manager was the one drinking the most drinks the bartender was handing out.

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                  My two experiences at Ted's Montana Grill were very good. This is in the Warrington / Willow Grove area location. I have to say the burgers were great and very juicy. Luckily each time we've eaten there it was for lunch during the week so the it was not very crowded.

                2. Not sure if it would stand up as the best, but "Ben and Irv's" in Huntingdon Valley serves a good, honest cheeseburger at a pretty good price (for a restaurant burger).

                  The burger, served on a traditional kaiser bun and with American cheese, is sizable and the patty has a nice char to it. Also, the kitchen does a pretty good job of cooking it to the requested level of doneness -- "medium" means some pink.

                  1. I like the Charcoal Pit in Wilmington on Route 202, but it's a little far from Montgomery County. Real charcoal broiled hamburgers and original 60's lunchonette atmosphere.