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Mar 31, 2008 05:04 AM

Boston CHrs to Flushing Chinatown this weekend

I have been reading a lot about the variety of chinese foods in Flushing and because of this 3 of us buddies (CHrs) are driving down there this weekend.
2 concerns, what is the nearest most inexpensive hotel in the area? and will parking be a major hassle in Flushing?
I would love to hear som recs from all of you, we will be very adventurous, we will even try the kidneys, or organ meats,

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  1. Chowhound has a very narrow mission--where to find deliciousness. General travel planning questions, like where to stay or what else to do while visiting a town, are off topic for our boards. Please keep your replies focused on helping the poster find great chow, as off topic replies will be removed.


      1. re: Brian S

        Hi Brian S,
        Thanks a lot for the tips, looks like we are going to be overwhelmed with regional Chinese food galore. Us hicks here in beantown are only exposed to Cantonese and Sichuan, a sprinkling of Taiwanese and wannabe Hunanese or whatever.
        Can't wait till the weekend for a 're-education'

        But again, how is the parking situation in Flushing?

        1. re: openonymous

          I don't drive but I've noticed two big municipal parking lots, one on 39th street west of Main, and the other also on 39th east of Main, both within easy walking distance of every place mentioned.

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            On a pleasant weekend, parking can be a nightmare, even at the huge bilevel lot on 39th/Union. I suggest finding a spot in the side streets of the warehouse section a couple blocks north of Northern Blvd. That way, you won't have to worry about feeding a meter or 2 hour limits. The extra 10 minutes of walking will help build the appetite and the $ you save on parking can go towards more dumplings.

            1. re: openonymous

              With regard to the parking situation in Flushing Chinatown, as the poster “Joe MacBu” has mentioned above, we would have to confirm that it is not good in terms of easily getting affordable parking, since Flushing is basically a downtown area where all space is at a premium, but it is doable if one has patience. If one has plenty of money, than parking is not an issue as there is plenty of market rate private garages in the Flushing Chinatown area.

              Here is an old Chowhound post regarding the available affordable municipal parking in Flushing Chinatown: . Parking on the metered street parking spaces usually has 1 to 2 hour limits, but the municipal parking lot spaces have 4 or 12 hour limits, hence feeding the meters is not an issue, but one must bring a lot of quarters for the municipal parking lot meters.

              But if you stay in one of the hotels within Flushing Chinatown, parking would not be a problem any longer, since you can walk to most of the restaurants within Flushing, however and assuming your hotel has onsite parking available, there would probably be a daily charge for parking your car at the hotel. But at the smaller Flushing Chinatown Hotels, this may not be a given that onsite parking is available (some Flushing Chinatown Hotels are only 30 feet wide), hence you would have to look for available parking at one of the private market rate garages or possibly park for free at the nearby residential areas east and north of the Flushing Chinatown area. But the areas east and north of Flushing are mostly high rise (6-10 story buildings) apartments, hence parking will not be easy there also, but again doable if one has the patience to circle around the area waiting for someone to vacate a parking spot. There is also the issue of the high stolen car rates in Queens, hence hopefully you are not driving down from Boston with a late model car that is highly desired by car thieves. If you are an owner of a BMW or other high-end vehicle, it might be worth your while to park the car in a garage overnight.

              For hotels in Flushing Chinatown, here is a link that lists a number of hotels in Flushing: Other than the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel in Flushing (fairly expensive at over $250 plus per night), the other available hotels in the Flushing Chinatown area are quite small with most hotels having less than 50 rooms, although there is a nearby YMCA that has a large number of hotel rooms available and probably affordable also, but usually sold out. Unfortunately, the Outerboros are limited in the number of available hotels, especially affordable hotels. Even the “Motel 6” type hotels in Queens will be over $100 plus dollars per night.

              For more recommendations on Flushing Chinatown restaurants, you can just perform a search on Chowhound. There must be close to a hundred Flushing Chinatown threads available on Chowhound just in the past twelve months.

              Happy Flushing Chinatown eating!

          2. I once did the same thing as you guys by arranging to have my East Coast business trip run through LaGuardia Airport so I could stay at the Sheraton LaGuardia (right in the middle of the food action, but definitely not inexpensive). I suggest you take in the two seafood palace type restaurants (Ocean Jewels and Jade Asian), one for dim sum and one for dinner and two food court tours (I would go to the Flushing Mall, which is a much more organized and formal court, and the one of the street courts, such as 41-28 Main St.) Also you should visit Spicy & Tasty and King 5 Noodle, next to each other in the 38-07 Prince St. building. You may also want to check a recent thread on Taiwanese food, since Flushing is the east coast epicenter for that type of food. Most of all, I'd just walk the streets to see what else might intrigue you.

            1. Not to be forgotten are all the great Korean places in Flushing. Flushing/Bayside, after all, is the Korean epicenter of NYC.

              Also think about staying somewhere besides Flushing, especially since it's an easy commute on either the LIRR or the 7 train. Some of the hotels near La Guardia will also put you close to the south american sections of Corona and Jackson Heights, and not too far from the Greek and Egyptian section of Astoria, if you want a change of pace.

              1. I realize you are driving down, but I would not worry too much about the parking. There are the Municipal lots others have mentioned and some hotels provide parking. You must remember that Flushing is home to the Mets...if they are at home when you visit, parking and driving will be worse than expected. You can actually see the ballpark lights from Main St and 39th Avenue. The dining area of Flushing is not as big as you might expect, from Norther Blvd to the Queens Botanical Gardens which you can actually walk had so many restaurnats in a condensed area so you wont be disappointed. On Prince St, between 39th Ave and Roosevelt Ave is a place called Tasty& Spicy, dont miss it. But in general explore and ask around as you walk the streets. Enjoy.