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Mar 31, 2008 04:06 AM

Recommended restaurants near West 58th Street

I'll be coming to NYC for a few days and thanks to this website have found some great places to eat whilst I'm there!

On my first night in the city I'm looking for a chilled out, laid back place with good food near my hotel - can anyone recommend a good neighborhood restaurant near West 58th Street or Columbus Circle?

Thanks very much, all suggestions much appreciated

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  1. There really arent' too much by the way of neighborhood restaurants in the area, since so few people live around there. (It's mostly offices and, as you move further up, Lincoln center traffic.) Somewhat more low key places in the area where you can find good eats, though, include Landmarc (it's just good, not great), Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, Yakotori Toto on 55th near B'way, Onigashima for passable Japanese noodles. You could also self cater at the Whole Foods Market in the basement of the TWC. They have a lot of hot buffet items that smell great (I've never tried).

    If you don't mind doing street cart dining, there's a good halal cart at night (serving, among other things, delicious rice platters with doner kebab and 'salad'), outside of the Hilton on 55th and 6th (ave of the americas), and another directly across 6th ave.

    For something higher end (but still potentially low key), look into Bar Boulud.

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      Blue Ribbon is also on W. 58th - expensive but good Japanese food and sushi.

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        and very good fried chicken too...their menu is the TW spot is a bit of a mish mash

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          True! I loved the bone marrow there.

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        oops, just reread my post. it's "yakitori toto," not "yakotoro toto" -- sorry bout that

      3. For your first night, I'd hit Landmarc in the Time Warner Center.

        1. There are a lot of places on 9th Avenue -- Wondee Siam for thai, Route 66 for (better than) diner fare.

          Check out

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            Valerie, that's a good point. I wasn't even thinking of heading s.west for some reason. My brain is slow to start in the a.m.

            Wondee Siam is decent (though is it just me or are they using crummier ingredients these days?), as are Eatery (like Route 66, diner fare, but much better... think tender meatloaf with wasabi mashed potatoes), Pam's Real Thai, Empanada Mama, Vinyl (solidly executed diner fare with some Thai options on the menu)...

          2. Besides Landmarc, which is a good suggestion, try this.

            1. Some good suggestions, but I didn't see Whym on 9th between 57th and 58th -- not too expensive, nice atmopshere, attentive service and I've had quality, tasty meals everytime (unlike Landmarc, which in Time Warner can hit or miss, unlike the Landmarc downtown). Q2 Thai is a great place I've recently discovered to replace Wondee Siam I (where I had an awful service experience) -- 9th between 52nd/53rd). Omido Japanese on Broadway @ 53rd has also been quite good (the tastiest spicey tuna roll) lately, and I'll also second Gabriel's on 61st, just north of the Time Warner Center -- consistently good Northern Italian, although their prices seem to be going up and up. Oh, another pricey but great place is Nougatine -- the cheaper Jeans George (sp?) in the Trump hotel right on Central Park West just off Columbus Circle. Delicious upscale food, perfect service, lovely room.

              On the whole, though, I don't think you can go wrong with Whym...

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                Second Whym - but call for a reservation. It's been crowded the past couple of times I've walked by.