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Mar 31, 2008 04:04 AM

Looking for a good blueberry pie

Hi all,

I'm having a wild craving for blueberry pie. A single slice isn't going to cut it; this is the kind of craving where you sit down with a fork and a pie and let yourself go to town.

That being said, I don't particularly want to settle for some mediocre grocery store pie if there's something better out there (unless, of course, you know of a grocery store pie that's spectacular).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to be spending a good chunk of my day around University and College, so if there's anything within reasonable commute distance - say in Kensington or on Harbord or what have you - that would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I bit distant but it is the real deal. Apple Factory Farmers Market on
    Mississauga Rd and Hwy # 7. Less than 10 minutes north of the 407.
    I was there yesterday and purchased a cherry pie. The best pies around. Baked fresh in house every day. Sugar free options available as well. They have approx 7 to 10 varieties of pies they make. Less than $10. Worth the drive. Other goodies, butcher and great veggies too.

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    1. re: Porto

      I second that! I have not had their blueberry pie (as I don't like blueberry pie), but I have had cherry and apple -- delicious! Flaky crust and the bottom crust does not get soggy as many grocery store pies do and LOTS of filling in the oies

      1. re: mac n cheeze

        It's definitely worth the drive to Mississauga Rd and Hwy # 7 but NOT for The Apple Factory.... they may have some items of interest however baked goods they are not... If you want a spectacular pie go to Crawford's.. 2 minutes from the Apple Factory west of Mississauga Rd on Hwy # 7

      2. re: Porto

        Sounds fantastic! I would love to hit it up, if only I had a car. I fear that no pie would be worth that amount of public transportation!

        1. re: vorpal

          Transit is definitely not worth it for the Apple Factory pie. They're "fresh BAKED" on premises but not "fresh MADE". My mother used to work there a few years ago. At that time the pies were made in the States, shipped to the Apple Factory and then baked. More recently I've heard that they come from the East Coast. Nonetheless, people get suckered into thinking that the pies are made in house, which is sad. It's just really selective advertising.

          I second Crawfords, was at my parents for Easter and we had a great strawberry-rhubarb pie. That said, they're still not worth that much travel.

          You can try Harbord Bakery. I haven't been in a long time, and I'm not sure if they have pie as such. But when I was there last they had a great cherry tart, which satisfied my craving for pie at the time.

      3. Why not Wanda's? IMO, she is the go-to pie resouce. You can find her pies at Pusateri's and other "high end" shops or even better (and cheaper), you can go up to "Wanda's in the Kitchen with Dinah" on Mount Pleasant. You should call ahead of time to see if they have blueberry or can make it for you.
        Happy pie eating!

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        1. re: toveggiegirl

          Personally, I'm not a fan of Wanda's pies. I like the squares and cakes but the pies... not so much. This is based on trying the strawberry rhubarb and pecan (I even preferred the Farmer's Market brand strawberry rhubarb I buy at Loblaws).

          1. re: Ediblethoughts

            I've never tried the pies. What's not good about them?

            1. re: LTL

              The pecan pie was gelatinous rather than gooey (I want gooey in my pecan pies); the crust was OK but not as good as some others. I found the strawberry rhubarb too dry, maybe too much rhubarb and not enough strawberry or not enough sugar, I'm not sure (I'm not a baker!). And I found the sweet/tangy contrast to be a bit off. The crust again, was just OK.

            2. re: Ediblethoughts

              Is it the crust? I agree it's nothing special. That said I love her sour cherry pie, although I can do just as well myself and do once a year when the cherries come in.

              Vorpal.. since you are not getting any great tips... I know you cook, do you bake at all? Honestly I find Tenderflake frozen crusts to be as good as most commercial pies. I made my (wonderful) blueberry pie with fresh wild berries last summer, but I believe Home Cooking's baking maven Candy has said that the frozen wild blueberries make a good pie filling. Then I suggest topping with a streusal crust, if you are not crazy about frozen pie shell and/or don't want to make your own. I may do this myself tonight :)

              1. re: julesrules

                JulesRules: Yes, it seems that it's difficult to locate a good blueberry pie in Toronto :-). I do bake on occasion, although my current kitchen is woefully understocked with baking equipment (no mixer, and ha, not even pie plates). I haven't been doing much cooking or baking simply because I live in that wasteland of Leslieville where the three predominant grocery stores (Lakeshore Loblaws, Dave and Charlotte's No Frills, and the nearby Food Basics) seem to have a constant shortage of many ingredients, thus making it quite discouraging to assemble even a simple collection of necessary items for any dish.

                I may have to resort to making it myself at this rate, though! Here's hoping that Loblaws carries frozen wild blueberries. I'm definitely game to make my own crust, and I'll check out a streusel topping, which will certainly simplify matters.

                Thanks for the tips!

                1. re: vorpal

                  Another reason I use the frozen pie shells... they have their own plate :) I know many will look down on that but with my own fillings and a streusal topping, the result is still way ahead of any commercial pie I've had and can be produced very quickly, whereas a homemade crust is iffy and time-consuming for me. Some day I will master it though...
                  Googs's tip sounds great though.

          2. No need for a trip out-of-town. No need to resort to (gasp) baking it yourself. You *will* need to wake up before noon on a Saturday though.

            The lady at the Farmers' Market makes great pies with very tasty, delicate crusts and has done so for over 40 years. Prices are so incredibly reasonable you'd be crazy not to try. I bring them to all the family/friend dinners where I'm responsible for dessert.

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            1. re: Googs

              I'll check them out this Saturday. I'm a sucker for good pie but haven't found anything worth going back for in Toronto.

              1. re: Googs

                hot dang! Which farmer's market - are you talking about the north market at St. Lawrence Market? Is this the woman on the east side of the building by the sausage guys?

                1. re: Apple

                  The Farmers' Market on the north side of the street. Nooooo not the one near the Gaucho chorizo folks. This lady's pretty much as in the middle of the building as you can get. Just to the west of the egg people.

                2. re: Googs

                  Apparently they're also available for $9.99 at The Sweet Potato in the Junction.


                  1. re: LTL

                    Thanks LTL. You can also buy them at St Jamestown Steak and Chops if you sleep in on a Saturday.

                    For the best price and selection, though, you really have to make the trip to the Farmers' Market. If you're looking for something that appears gone, they usually have a few spares tucked behind the counter. Very friendly people too.

                3. It's been a while since I lived in Cabbagetown but I remember that Daniel et Daniel made a blueberry pie. The crust is more of a cookie than a pastry crust (they call it a tart). I can't remember the blueberry pie but if it's anywhere near as good as their cherry pie it might satiate you.

                  1. Thanks, all, for your suggestions!

                    I ended up right next to Altitude Bakery today. I've never seen blueberry pies there before, but today, wild blueberry pies were the only ones that they had! I bought one and gorged on it and it was quite good.