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Mar 31, 2008 01:04 AM

London: Visited Hereford Road again

We went to Hereford Road again. As before, we were very happy with the food. Really top notch flavors. We had: lamb's tongues and sweetbreads with green beans, a mustardy vinaigrette and mint; duck's livers on toast; braised roe shoulder for two. Given London's prices, not too bad at around 35 pounds per person. We'll be there again (we live in the neighborhood). Hopefully next time we'll be able to have oxtail, which every once in a while is in the menu. Congrats to Tom Pemberton (who in all of our visits has been cooking in his kitchen... virtually every single dish will go through him before being served to customers).

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  1. The first and last time I was at Hereford Road was last November - good memories. The oxtail was so divine, although it was a two-person portion I honestly could have eaten it all myself (if not for my equally ravenous companion!). Definitely good value for money considering the quality of cooking!