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Alfresco Dining in.......Monterey County?

Our annual trip to Carmel (this time *sans* an emergency appendectomy! :)).

We love Roy's, the restaurants at Highlands Inn, as well as Pebble Beach Lodge.

Any other recs for alfresco dining in Monterey County (water views a plus, but ALL alfresco dining offerings greatly appreciated!). Open to all cuisines, price ranges...B, L, & D. TIA

P.S. Any new bakeries or chocolatiers?

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  1. In Carmel Valley, Corkscrew Cafe, Cafe Rustico and Wickets. Rocky Point (south of Highlands Inn). Food only OK, except for the tamales. A few small places in Carmel; Portabella, Forge in the Forrest.

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      Carmel Valley is a great idea. No sea view, but the weather is much better for dining outside. Don't remember the name of the place where I ate there, but it was off the main road and had a lovely patio under some trees. The place specialized in quail.

    2. Go Casanova's in Carmel!!! They have both indoor and outdoor dining in a courtyard. I grew up in Carmel and the place has an outstanding reputation. I'd post the restaurants website, but I'm not sure if that's allowed here, so google it.

      1. Thanks so much for your *great* ideas!

        ('m also open to any suggestions for bakeries, chocolatiers, ice cream shops, delis, etc....willing to drive for great food :))

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          Yes, definitely skip the appendectomy this time ... I digress. Bakeries, Carmel Bakery (http://www.carmelbakery.com/) has been around a long time, and there's also the Wild Plum Bakery. I've been to the first one, the second was a recommendation from my sister onher last time, apparently great baked goods and better sandwiches!

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            If you stop by this bakery, be sure to try the oatmeal cookie with pieces of dried apricots instead of raisins.

        2. Sweet Elena's is worth the trip to Sand City. French pastries and cafe.

          1. gonna try palces again....phew! it worked this time

            Sweet Elena's Bakery & Cafe
            465 Olympia Ave, Seaside, CA 93955

            1. Tarpy's on Highway 68 going into Monterey from Salinas has a nice flagstone patio. Don't think it would be warm enough evenings, but daytime on a sunny day, it's very pleasant. Food is good as well.


              Tarpy's Roadhouse
              2999 Salinas Hwy, Monterey, CA 93940

              1. Thanks everyone...looking forward to trying everything!

                BTW, I miss the deli in Carmel (forget the name, was owned by the Chef who got tired of the commute). Are there any new delis, with unique and gourmet offerings? (like Gayle's in Santa Cruz.)

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                  This is not an actual deli, but Neilson's Market at 7th and San Carlos has some excellent picnic supplies as well as a nice wine selection. Also the wine shop in Carmel Plaza has limited picnic supplies. Neilson's is better, probably.

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                    Thanks for that...and all the other good advise.

                    Is there anything worth driving to in surrounding cities?

                    BTW, we love good soups--can be brought back to the rental house and reheated nicely...open to suggestions here too. Again, Thanks!